• Hi,
    My name is Robin but post under Marty (our first Basenji). We currently have 3 Basenjis, Darbi, Sophie and Lilia. Darbi and Lily are mom and daughter while Soph is the 'crazy aunt". Sophie doesn't look like a typical Basenji: her tail doesn't curl very much, isn't bushy and her face is half black/half white but we loved her on sight.

    In March of this year we discovered that Lily has Fanconis so there has been a lot of adjustments made to her life (and ours). I posted in the health section regarding this very picky girl who is refusing her supplements so any help people can offer would be great.

    I look forward to hearing and sharing many stories!


  • Welcome to the forum to you all. It sounds a very interesting family - I hope you'll be able to post pictures.
    I can't offer help about Fanconi but there are many here with plenty of helpful advice.

  • You should join the Fanconi Yahoo group. It is a closed group only for people with Fanconi affected or dogs that have DNA test Fanconi affected.


  • Welcome to the forum!
    Has your vet been in contact with Dr. Gonto? (outdoc@aol.com) Dr. Gonto is the one who developed the Fanconi protocol and is more than willing to work with vets.

    As far as the supplements, if you join the Yahoo Fanconi Dog group, a whole host of pill hiding ideas that have been successful with picky eaters is available. And you can always pill by hand or using a pill popper (available at Petco and PetSmart). What worked best for us was liver sausage or braunsweiger (sp??). It has a sticky consistency which makes it hard for them to eat off without swallowing the pill. We did 1 ball without pill, one with, then a couple more without, then another one with a pill, etc. Also, if you give her pills in the presence of the other dogs, sometimes the competition will encourage her to take the pilled treats.


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