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@tanza lol now i know this about the 8week rule but i got Jasmine at 7weeks and i pickef up the new addition Romeo at 7 weeks. I do think the starting training them at that age was very successful, jasmine sits, gives high five, lays, doesnt run off off leash and on leash doesn't pull also potty training seemed to go smooth. But i dont think i would pick up a pup before 7 even though some do get them at 6. Also thank you for the response about the ears i wish i could figure out how to post pics of the new young pup.

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Also how do i attach pics to the threads using a mobile phone

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My newest basenji i bought i noticed has seemd to have developed a small cosmetic defect im worried that he wont grow out of it. Its his right side ear. Its seems to have turned into a dog ear like you mark a book. Will he grow out of it into a straight pointed ear he is 7weeks old and i just noticed it after really looking at him the last few days.

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@tanza Jasmine eats twice a day and I give about a cup a feeding maybe a little bit more. Also she weighs 15lbs and is a little over 16in height

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Add a raw egg to the food about once a month and it makes the coat shine

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Ok my basenji is a yr old and she is shedding more than normal... I'm just curious if it's her winter coat she is shedding? Or something else. Also I feel she is too thin. she eats throughout the day but im thinking she either needs to increase her diet or maybe introduce something else to help beef her up also thought about having her start pulling weights to help increase her muscle mass. Any ideas or suggestions

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I am looking for advice to help encourage jasmine to yodel... i have tried to mimic yodeling and play clips or other basenjis doing it. I am just wondering if there is more i can try

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I tried to do it separately but 2 things... 1 they are so closr with each other you would need the jaws of life to split them up...lol and 2 caia the Shih Tzu , has been helping train jasmine. Caia does the command and Jasmine watches..
Then jasmine mimics. Caia has helped house break her also. But i agree most training should be done solo

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