Part basenji mom

My boyfriend and I recently rescued a dog that we were pretty sure was an italian greyhound mix. After a while, we figured the rest of the mix (or at least a good part) was basenji. One of our friends clued us in by his forehead wrinkles and noisy yawns. After reading several stories on here, he seems to have several b behaviors. He is a hoot, and has taught me to keep my stuff out of reach! 🙂

Welcome Alice B to the forum. What a beautiful dog! Basenji mix is always good.

Welcome AliceB. That cutie certainly has a Basenji looking face. Glad you found the forums.

Thank you for the rescue. Rescue Mom and Dad's have a special place in heaven IMO.

Welcome. Your mix is sure a pretty dog!

Cool looking dog. Noisy yawns are the best!

He is absolutely adorable!!!:D


He is so beautiful. He is lucky to have found you and your boyfriend as his new family.


Welcome to the forum… wow what a beautiful B-mix...!!

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