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What a lovely community that I have stumbled upon!! Thank you all so much for your feedback y’all have no idea how much appreciate this. I will be DNA testing ASAP!!

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@jengosmonkey thank you!!! And yes I’m saving up for a DNA test!! Thank you so much for you feedback it’s very helpful!! I’m only 20 and she’s only 5, but I love her characteristics so much that I will only be getting Basenjis for my future dogs. Safe to say that I’ve joined the club!!

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I got my Sadie girl from a shelter and they had told us that she was an Australian Shepherd/ Pointer mix. But through observing her behaviors compared to my brother’s mini Aussie, as well as my mothers Pointer, she seems to have very few characteristics of either.

I didn’t hear any sort of bark out of her until she was at least 2 y/o and the bark she has now is more like a little scruffy noise, she self grooms constantly, gets on the counters, is very independent and only gives out cuddles on her own terms, she’s AMAZING with all types of dogs, despite years of training she wanders wayyy too far whenever I let her off leash and will only come back when she’s explored all that she’s wanted to, shreds all paper products (paper towels are gold to her), digs huge holes all over the yard, chews things whenever I don’t give her enough attention, is very observant and always aware of what’s going on, will pause on walks to let people pass because she doesn’t like people walking behind her, and she doesn’t hurt cats, frogs, lizards, ducks, squirrels or chickens but she loves to stalk them and chase them. I feel like researching Basenjis has helped me understand so much more about her than I had before, but she could just be a little quirky girl made up of a beautiful mix of dog breeds. Please let me know what y’all think!

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