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Sleeps in his own bed until we fall asleep and can't kick him out of our bed!

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We joke that Joey has no sense of self-preservation. He will be under the coffee table, where his ears are touching the bottom of it, but if you call his name, he hears something, or decides to do something else he will look up and whack his little melon on the table. He also likes to stand right behind you and then be offended when stepped on. Sometimes he falls short when jumping, or my personal favorite is trying to jump when already standing on his hind legs. It totally doesn't work, but is adorable. 😃

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Cream cheese and peanut butter are my two weapons of choice. My parents have the greenies pill pockets for their 11 lb poodle/terrier/chi mix, but since she is small they divide the pocket to get at least three uses out of it. The first time they used one, my mom used a whole one and poor baby couldn't eat it! She held it in her mouth a few minutes, cried, spit it out and stared at it. Now that they divide the pockets she gobbles them down.

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My b/iggy mix loves to retrieve. He will actually drop it on the ground after a few minutes if you don't take it from his mouth. Tennis balls are his favorite, but any of his stuffed animals will do too. I was surprised too when he started!

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My boyfriend and I recently rescued a dog that we were pretty sure was an italian greyhound mix. After a while, we figured the rest of the mix (or at least a good part) was basenji. One of our friends clued us in by his forehead wrinkles and noisy yawns. After reading several stories on here, he seems to have several b behaviors. He is a hoot, and has taught me to keep my stuff out of reach! 🙂

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