• Hello. I have adopted the cutest little terrorist I ever met. He was being chased by coyotes and my daughter saw a blur run in front of her car she thought was a fox. She stopped and he ran over to her car. She knew it was a pup and heard/ saw coyotes. Opened the car door and he hopped in. He lived in a very large crate in the garage for a bit as he was too aggressive with our other dogs (4 labs). We fostered and after he finally came in the house (almost 3 weeks) he is still quirky. If he is sitting on sofa with us he attacks the other dogs if they get too close. I was afraid others might put him down for this "aggressive" behavior not knowing his crazy beginning. I had to have surgery and he spent 2 days on the pillow next to me being a sweet protector and snuggler.. So I decided to make him part of our pack. He has some serious quirks with behavior, skittish, chews everything, slight over aggression toward other dogs, scavenger and food snatcher, and humps other dogs. He is neutered, about 1 yr old, mixed with blue heeler (lucky me) and I am doing research for his behavior mods. He did attack the chickens we have at first, but has since learned to just herd them around. The weather will warm up and that will help in training. Any tips would be great. He is a sweet little guy and he is a work in progress, but aren't we all.

  • I am curious how you came to know he is basenji/blue heeler. You said "foster"... did a rescuer get involved or did you mean you were just taking care of him to find a home, but decided to keep him? Did you put up posters to try to find the owners or call shelters to see if someone was looking for him? The fact that he hopped into her car tells me this pup may have had a home and used to taking car rides.

    How old is he? What did the vet say? Having an idea about his age will help with knowing what's natural for his age.

  • We posted all over social media. We live in an area of many dumped animals. Out in the country away from town and main roads. We did get a local rescue involved. We have had him since early November and he has very protective behavior of me. I decided to not stress him anymore by switching families again. With his love of car rides and his love of lap snuggles, we figure he was either a truckers dog, or an elderly persons. The vet and the rescue agree that he is basenji/blue healer and he is roughly a year old. I wish we could have found his family, but he seems to be settling in nicely here. He is a great play mate for our youngest lab who will be a year on Valentine day. They are always roughhousing and running. Our older labs ignore him, but he tries to herd them all around the yard and the house.

  • Herding breeds are often tough... so you have a mix of 2 dogs that need a ton of exercise. Doing a lot of obedience work also will help keep his mind busy. A tired dog ... both physically and mentally, is a good dog (or at least a much better one 🙂 ).

    This site has a lot of lessons (on the left side ) and troubleshooting (on the right) http://www.clickerlessons.com/index.htm

    Skittishness often is something that must be watched and worked with. A dog that is fearful is more dangerous than one that is simply aggressive. Doing confidence building, but also a Nothing In Life Is Free to help him understand he doesn't get to guard or protect you... that he is not in charge, should help a lot. Unfortunately, dog to dog aggression can be a serious issue and you may need professional help as, at a year, that is only likely to intensify as he matures.


  • Btw... PICTURES! I'd love to see him!

  • 0_1486883774922_1478678871205.jpg

  • 0_1486883904150_1481271663520.jpg 0_1486884001187_1478887100829.jpg

  • His name is Max or Maxie. He is a sweet little guy who is full of mischief and energy.

  • @puppymama3537 - Very cute, but don't see Basenji

  • He is darling. I also have to really squint to see Basenji in there. Might be fun, if you have the funds, to do a DNA test on him through Embark (top one) or another:


  • I 100% see aussie cattle dog but not basenji :/. ACD have a reputation for having harsh temperaments. They were bred to work and when they don't have a job they can be known to act out. I have met a LOT of skittish ones and with his unknown background I'm not surprised. The most well adjusted ACDs I know have a job and/or compete in doggy sports/obedience. They are crazy smart and their brain needs something to do!

    That being said, I'm so glad you aren't giving up on him. I love the phrase "a good dog in progress". As long as he's not a danger to your family (including your other dogs!) the behaviors you are describing should be fixable or controllable. You might need the help of a professional trainer though. They can often come to your house and asses the situation and help you learn how to train him. It's risky to go it alone when you have a dog with so many issues. He could become worse or injure you if you misread his signals.

    I am NOT a dog trainer or a behaviorist though! I work for a vet and have learned a thing or two over the years. I am ALWAYS willing to tell a client when I'm not sure how to help with a behavior issues and recommend a local professional that can help them.

  • Thank you everyone for the input. I was listening to vet, but the could have it wrong as well. I think the dNA check may be in order to determine what toexpect from him and to better assist him in behaviors.

  • @I think he's a handsome fella'!! He's also got that look like.... What?? Me?? Ohh noooo ~twas' one of the others who did it! At any rate ~ I think he's just a sweet cutie pie!! I really like the pic where he has his eye's closed, just as you snapped the camera!! lol His eye's are closed & his mouth open just a bit..... looks to me like, he's either getting ready to speak or has just spoken!! I think he looks like a lovable little ole' bear!! I'm glad you were driving at that spot when you all seen & heard him ~ then you saved his life letting him get in the car!! He may be on the ornery side but he's on the lovable side too! Hope he gives you all many years of pure happiness & loads of love!!

  • I can definitely see the blue healer very cute puppy

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