New Member -with a Basenji Mix, I believe.

  • Hi! I am new to the forum as of today! I'm excited to be here.
    My daughter and I were finally ready to adopt a dog, so she went to our local Humane Society and she picked up our Stella. She is AMAZING!
    Stella was a stray brought in from Puerto Rico after their disastrous hurricane, and she was told that she's a Basenji Mix. I believe it! She doesn't have the curled tail over the back though.
    I'm pretty sure she is from what i have read and all of the pictures I've seen of this breed. Can you confirm for me?

  • My Basenji mix's tail only really curls when he is on red alert. At that time his Basenji mohawk appears as well.

  • Mohawk? wow, I want to see that!
    Do you have pics posted?

  • @katzmeow Welcome! My Dog loved her Cat and her Wolves but she had zero use for other Canines. Basenjis ARE amazing for sure! I have said before that I have a weakness for Hounds but the little homewrecker Basenji is my fave. I have to wait to get another Basenji until my Killer Cat passes. She killed my other Cat and I will clearly not bring a Puppy or a Kitten until she passes. I refuse to put the Cat to sleep because she is very healthy and I am against destroying a healthy animal, no matter the Species.

    I have seen more Basenji crosses here than anyplace else and each of them have a Basenji trait that is clear. The coloring, the ATTITUDE and the other things such as the curly tail just show that the Ancient Basenji still has the ability to crowd out the other Breed that is in the Geme pool!

    Thank you for getting that dog from the Pound, that is one lucky dog!


  • Thank you! She is a very smart and very special dog.
    When my daughter asked if we could get another dog, after a year or so I finally said yes, BUT I asked her to get a little dog, like a Maltese. lol
    She brought me Stella. I have to say I was not happy at first, even though I did think she was gorgeous.
    They really are a special breed of dog, aren't they?
    Stella has all of the attributes of a Basenji, wouldn't you say?

    Is it in their nature to want to run fast and furious? This is what Stella does.

  • @katzmeow I just wanted to say that since becoming a member, only yesterday, I'm so excited that I found this forum!
    What a wonderful place this is! There is so much here to read and learn, so much information, and I have tons of questions!
    But I'll read the guides before I bombard you all with a bunch of questions.
    You ALL are great and every single dog pictured here is SO beautiful.

    So far, everything I've read and know about the Basenji, there is a lot to be said for them. They're a special breed of dog! I love it.

  • @katzmeow My Grandmother had a Maltese that my Cousin gave to her. That little Dog bit my Grandmother all the time but she refused to part with him. My Paternal Grandmother loved Dogs (which she always had since she married my Grandfather), Cats and she always had a Canary that she called 'Petey!

    I like all animals but the biting is not good for anyone. The little Maltese lived with the Cousin who gave her to my Grandmother after my Grandmother passed at the age of 97!!!

    I have never had a Dog, Wolf, or Horse that bit me BUT the Feline I have now (the Killer Cat) bites me all the time. She cannot get me through the Denim but it is really annoying!!!

    Very sweet dog you have there!


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