Do you think my new girl is a Basenji mix??

  • Hi B-Forum members, I'm new here and have been reading posts for a few days. I adopted a rescue dog from a group two months ago and I think she is part Basenji. The rescue group said she was part Shepard, but based on her behavior over the past 2 month and the comment on a possible Basenji-mix breed from the trainer, I think she may be a mix. She is about 2 years and still very high energy. I have to crate her if I can't watch her or she'll chew things up in the house. She also loves to bite the necks of my older 2 lab mix dogs and hold on. They play with her and she goes wild. The biggest challenge is dog aggression. She is nuts when we pas other dogs on walks and once slipped out of her collar and went after a pit bull. I was able to break it up before anyone got hurt. So I'd greatly appreciate your opinions, do you think she looks/sounds like a B-mix?

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