Cutest kids….EVER!

Not those kind of kids. I'm talking about goat kids!

They were born Thursday and these photos were taken when the babies were only a few hours old. 😃

Doe 1 with doeling.

The doeling

Doe 2 with buckling

The buckling

And the other goats

Doe 3 (no babies)

The 2 bucks


adorable..are they yours?

No, but they live very close to me, so close I can look out my front door and see them. 🙂

i've got goats next door. the basenjis (particularly Digital and Zest) are obsessed with them. Digitial will try to herd them. Drops his head and tail like a border collie and slinks over to that side of our yard.


Lucky you, they are adorable. We had some this past fall, kid black and kid red, twins…supercute. They ate our brush and after that we rehomed them to a friend of ours 55 acres. Kids were was I...i think we'll get some more one day. Moses loved them...the kept on headbutting him, it was hilarious.

So so sweet! My husband Darrel loves goats. He had some on the farm he grew up on. Can't wait to show him these pictures.

Omg so cute!!! Especially the doeling! What a little angel face!

First Basenji's

sigh … I sooo want a pet goat. And I aim to have one someday.

Goat sheds need to be built at least 50 feet away from any neighboring residence in my city (yes, I checked!). Alas, we just don't have that kind of space... curses.

They are so cute wish they could stay that little. Thank you for sharing the pictures they are super.

Rita Jean

What cute neighbors! Thanks for sharing, I love baby goats.

So cute!!!

Very cute! LOL maybe you could teach the dogs to herd them?

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