• Not those kind of kids. I'm talking about goat kids!

    They were born Thursday and these photos were taken when the babies were only a few hours old. 😃

    Doe 1 with doeling.

    The doeling

    Doe 2 with buckling

    The buckling

    And the other goats

    Doe 3 (no babies)

    The 2 bucks

  • Houston

    adorable..are they yours?

  • No, but they live very close to me, so close I can look out my front door and see them. 🙂

  • i've got goats next door. the basenjis (particularly Digital and Zest) are obsessed with them. Digitial will try to herd them. Drops his head and tail like a border collie and slinks over to that side of our yard.

  • Houston

    Lucky you, they are adorable. We had some this past fall, kid black and kid red, twins…supercute. They ate our brush and after that we rehomed them to a friend of ours 55 acres. Kids were sad...so was I...i think we'll get some more one day. Moses loved them...the kept on headbutting him, it was hilarious.

  • So so sweet! My husband Darrel loves goats. He had some on the farm he grew up on. Can't wait to show him these pictures.

  • Omg so cute!!! Especially the doeling! What a little angel face!

  • First Basenji's

    sigh … I sooo want a pet goat. And I aim to have one someday.

    Goat sheds need to be built at least 50 feet away from any neighboring residence in my city (yes, I checked!). Alas, we just don't have that kind of space... curses.

  • They are so cute wish they could stay that little. Thank you for sharing the pictures they are super.

    Rita Jean

  • What cute neighbors! Thanks for sharing, I love baby goats.

  • So cute!!!

  • Very cute! LOL maybe you could teach the dogs to herd them?

  • So cute, I love goats…

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