• This is a beautiful story and a great testimony.
    Click here: The Harmonica Man Sorry, seems you will have to cut and paste it. Darn it, I am just not computer smart.

  • Sharron, isn't that the greatest story? They said this fellow was in northwest Washington. Have you ever come across him? Maybe that sounds like a dumb question. When we were in Costa Rica and the folks there found out we were from Canada, they said they had a friend in Canada, and did we know them. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing that, Sharron.

  • Fran, thank you for checking out the site.
    I have not met him, but he is an angel on this earth.

    He is only 20 miles from here, but its across the Hood Canal, and in a different county.
    BUT I would be proud to know him.

  • that man certainly is a bright spot on earth.

  • Thanks again for checking him out.
    I wish I had posted it properly.
    Yes, he is making kids enjoy music..what a gift.

  • @Kipawa:

    …the folks there found out we were from Canada, they said they had a friend in Canada, and did we know them...

    LOLOL!!! 😃

    Yeah, you know every one of the 30 Million residents in a land mass that's 3,855,171 square miles. Hehehe

    Gotta love it.

  • AJs Human - the people were so nice in Costa Rica that I felt I was breaking their hearts telling them I did not know their 'friends'. In CR, you are considered a friend after only one meeting. A beautiful country with beautiful people and a fabulous hot and dry climate on the west coast that ANY basenji would just love.

  • Ms. Fran: I didn't mean to sound harsh or deride Costa Ricans…I was just giggling about the image of you having a friendly little block party with 30 million of your closest friends...

  • AJ - don't worry at all. I totally read that the right way/how you meant it. 🙂 The friendliness of Costa Ricans is incredible. If I asked them if they knew a Costa Rican I know I would not be surprised if they did know them! They are such a social group of people - sitting on the curb near the church and just watching folks and waving to them. At the time I was working full time in a very stressful job, and I just envied their simplicity.

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