Small Circus representation by Jesika

We have prepared small circus performance with my daughter Kate and my basenji Jesika . There was a show parade of dogs, it was our debut.


very cute!!! thanks for sharing


very cute!!! thanks for sharing

Thank you!
The basenji dress for my daughter I made myself, but some people thought that it was fox :-), not basenji

I've laughed myself silly! You've invented a new color category with that big orange basenji.

I want a basenji outfit!!! πŸ™‚

WHEN will I grow up. Never, likely.

That was really cute! I loved your daughter and basenji jumping over each other. The basenji outfit was great, your daughter seemed to be having a great time, too.
I notice she didn't get any treats, though, haha.

Thank you for posting your circus!

Absolutely ADORABLE! LOL I was laughing out loud over the leapfrog part. BRAVO!!!

That was great! Thanks for posting. πŸ™‚


I notice she didn't get any treats, though, haha.

It was only our first showing, I was afraid that basenji would run away πŸ™‚ so I couldn't left her to wait. But I'm going to work of it.

Thanks for replying!

This is link for performance of our teacher Lena and her dogs:

Then I first time saw her primitive dog xolo working, I was so surprised!
I asked Lena to help us with training. I trained my basenji less then one month and she want to do any trick (for chiken, it's her favoured food) :-))

That was great! Love your daughter's outfit, and Jesika was very responsive. Loved the jumping over part the best.

This was unbelievably cute. You are all so clever. I love your daughter's costume but I was hoping your daughter would have treats too!! Thank you so much for the link.

Sooo cute - I just loved it. And am very impressed at how well she performed with only one month of training !!!

I also loved the "jumping over each other" part πŸ™‚ Too cute!!!

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