On the road to KY

Tomorrow we pick up Gambit from Tad. We are bringing Trog and Xander along to meet their new packmate and help ease the ride home for her. I felt so guilty for taking Xander away from his pack when he cried for most of the 7 hour drive home.

Here are photos Tad sent us this morning, can't wait to meet the petite girl.

that is the sweetest face ever. congrats !

She is just lovely!!! Have a safe trip


How exquisite..she is teeny tiny..drive safe and let us know all about her once you have her.

I hope you have a safe journey. Your puppy is adorable!

What a precious face!!

Congrats Lisa on the new addition!

awww, she's so little and precious!

Such a darling little tri! I predict the boys will love their baby sister.

Don't you just love baby B's?

First Basenji's

What a petite sweetie!

What a charming little lady to introduce to your pack! Congratulations.

What a beautiful face!! Congrats!!:)

Wonderful! That does sound like quite the car ride though…

Are you there yet????

We just checked into the motel, going over to get her later as Tad had another couple coming to get a pup too. The boys had chicken and ice cream at Culvers and are curled up together on the bed. This is the first time we decided to spend the night when we got Xander and Scotti we made the round trip in a day. As we want to run errands in st louis on our way home it made sense to spend the night.


good, good…can't wait to hear of her arrival...

I can smell her puppy breath from here…...:)

She is adorable , slept cuddled next to Trog on the way to the hotel. He is facinated by the little mini me. Will be Able to post Photos tomorrow when I am back with my computer and a real camera

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