• Day three with Cricket:
    Cricket had her first walk with us. It was short, cold, and windy.
    She tried her first rabbit poop… she likes it...
    She killed her first stuffy. It was a fuzzy heart that had "Puppy Love" written on it.
    And she just outsmarted me with my own training technique.
    Yes, I have fallen prey to the old bait and switch. I was lying all cuddled up on couch with my trusty Kleenix (watching a sappy show). She approaches me with the carcus of her stuffy kill and big brown puppy eyes. I petted her, then grabbed her stuffy.

    She grabbed my kleenix and ran!

    I was completely duped! and she was SO proud of herself! :rolleyes:

  • Next Tuesday is my first day at a new job. I will be a municipal budget analyst, so I'm sure I'll be introduced to almost everybody from all of the departments. How do some of you handle "first days?" Should I thank my new boss for giving me the job? (HR gave me the job offer, so I haven't spoken with him since the interview) How would you word that? What are some good first day first impression tips?

  • ah well, get used to being outsmarted.

  • Houston

    How funny…jepp they train us fast don't they?

  • HA! Kleenexes and paper towels are the Holy Grail to a basenji. They will resort to anything to get one.

  • I watched a show on TV a few days back, and this girl was addicted to eating toilet paper. I bet basenjis would love to meet her. 🙂

    (no disrespect intended to the girl).

  • Fran, are you sure she wasn't a Basenji in disguise!!!!!

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