A day of firsts…

Day three with Cricket:
Cricket had her first walk with us. It was short, cold, and windy.
She tried her first rabbit poop… she likes it...
She killed her first stuffy. It was a fuzzy heart that had "Puppy Love" written on it.
And she just outsmarted me with my own training technique.
Yes, I have fallen prey to the old bait and switch. I was lying all cuddled up on couch with my trusty Kleenix (watching a sappy show). She approaches me with the carcus of her stuffy kill and big brown puppy eyes. I petted her, then grabbed her stuffy.

She grabbed my kleenix and ran!

I was completely duped! and she was SO proud of herself! :rolleyes:

Next Tuesday is my first day at a new job. I will be a municipal budget analyst, so I'm sure I'll be introduced to almost everybody from all of the departments. How do some of you handle "first days?" Should I thank my new boss for giving me the job? (HR gave me the job offer, so I haven't spoken with him since the interview) How would you word that? What are some good first day first impression tips?

ah well, get used to being outsmarted.


How funny…jepp they train us fast don't they?

HA! Kleenexes and paper towels are the Holy Grail to a basenji. They will resort to anything to get one.

I watched a show on TV a few days back, and this girl was addicted to eating toilet paper. I bet basenjis would love to meet her. 🙂

(no disrespect intended to the girl).

Fran, are you sure she wasn't a Basenji in disguise!!!!!

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