• When we got home from our first vet visit we were feeling sluggish after our lyme shot and slept and slept…. He always sleeps with his monkey but today he wanted to be surrounded by his pup too...I love him when he's sleeping :rolleyes:

  • Oh, the cuteness! Give him an extra hug for all of us puppy-deprived people.

  • Hello all and welcome to my forum of pointless knowledge. I am glad you all enjoy so let's get started.

    1. In 1994 we all know that the Denver Nuggets became the first 8 seed to beat a 1, however after the first 2 games of that series the Nuggets were down 0-2 to Seattle and on the other side in the east after 3 games teh 8 seed Heat were up 2-1 on the Hawks. It was widely believed that the Heat were going to be the first 8 seed to upset a 1, but fate is twisted. The Heat dropped the next 2 games and the Nuggets won 3 in a row including back to back overtime games to win the series. At that time it was a strange situation.

  • Adorable!!!:)

  • AHHHHHHH.. INtolerable cuteness!!!

  • ahhhhh so cute!

  • I just want to hug that picture! What a little love he is!

    They always seem to sleep hard after getting a shot/shots. Enjoy the peace and quiet, because…. 🙂

  • A perfect Basenji - asleep!

  • oh, what a sweetie. that's tooooo cute. keep this picture posted in your house somewhere and go look at it whenever you're ready to throttle him for the mayhem he will surely cause! 😉

  • Houston

    Love..so adorable..

  • Oh dear, he is soooo cute, I am seriously jealous. Hug him for me!

  • Super duper sweet!

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