Oakley-Lots of pics



What a cutie…really love his name too..

First Basenji's

He looks like such a soft, silky puppy…

So much fun

What a cutie:) looking forward to meeting him on Friday!!

What a sweet baby like that yellow collar and the blue coat looks great on your baby. Looks like there are lots of fun days ahead.

Rita Jean

What a sweet face. That last picture is the spitting image of my Indy as a puppy. Thanks for posting them. Look forward to seeing more (and more…and more...) 🙂

Oh my, i am really starting to believe i need a puppy, or two, or . . .

puppy, puppy, puppy…
very cute

We had a very cold day and he needed a sweater to go outside..hence the equafleece. Funny thing, I was going to name him Indy!

I LOVE the name Oakley. As he grows, he can be known as the 'mighty Oak'.

Just keep those pics coming - love them!

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