• I live in Norman OK and we recently had a BIG snow storm and horribly frigid temperatures. Its a lil warmer today (35 degrees) so I took Anubis and his non-B brother, Spinner, out to play…I dropped him in a snow drift and he was NOT happy lol. He'll play in the snow thats been flattened by my truck but any deep stuff and he doesn't like it. He wont keep booties on yet he doesnt like his feet being cold lol. Got him booties for this weather and for when it rains and they stay on all of 10 seconds and hes trying to chew them off lol. His buddy Spinner (Chihuahua mix) just watched him lol.

    Notice the half eaten Mini Blinds in the background? Courtesy of Anubis haha...left him alone 2 min to check the mail at the mail boxes and came back to shredded mini blinds

  • Houston

    Poor Anubis..He does not look happy…

    Sorry about your miniblinds too...gggrrr

  • Yeah he got outta the drift STAT! Lol then was happy to run around in the flat smooshed down snow with Spinner. Yeah I gotta replace the Mini blinds at some point haha…gotta love our B's! 🙂

  • I think Anubis was just trying to make a snow angel. 🙂

  • Poor guy! We have about 5 feet of snow still on the ground here:p Don't know what the new puppy will think of that! I'm hoping for a thaw.

  • Yeah, he looks really unhappy! Good thing he doesn't blame you for the snow.

  • ROFLMAO, basenji abuse!

    Blinds.. I replaced my bedroom mini ones so many times I ran out of mauve and put up a blue one "temporarily." so I have a blue, which they chewed, and a mauve one. I never think to measure but I do need replacements.

  • Lol Kipawa…maybe he was trying to make one. He was much happier after he waded through the snow and back onto the flat snow. Hes SUPER happy now...snow's started to melt.

  • Poor boy - the snow is so cruel to him. The chewed blinds make me feel at home!!

  • Yeah thats why I let him in shortly after that. He likes it when its not deep but deep snow he hates.

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