Lot of snow

First a little story

Chafuko, did you heard?

What did I hear?

Well, they want to take us outside..

Into the snow:eek:

Noooo ?!!! Reallly?? I won't go..

What do you say mommy?? Can we run off the leash???

Wait for me!!!

See his paws? 😃

A big place, full of snow.. nobody that has been there…

Then everything changed… Two crazy jumping dogs... 😃

As elegant as always.. and this time a bit frozen too

No wildlife today….

with their dad 😃

come on, hurry up! Going home again!

That was great!! love it!!

Lovely story and pics, they look so comfy and warm in their radiator beds

That was really a neat story and pictures went so well with the story. To much snow for me. We got another 2 inches again last night. This white stuff is not going away.

Rita Jean

Great photos, the made it very interesting. Beautiful.

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