Snow Day!

Well, as many of you know, March came in with a snowstorm for much of the East Coast. I live in Maryland & we got hit hard [for this area, that is]. At the end of it all, we had about 7-9 inches on the ground. It was beautiful & gave me a nice snow day to spend with Dallas 🙂 He HATES the rain, like 99% of basenjis, but seemed to love the snow! Photos below 😉

He spent a lot of time just digging various holes in the snow

Watching the snow falling

"Mom, what are you doing in the house??" Haha :p

Photo of my backyard covered in snow

After he came inside, he rested in his favorite spot in the house 🙂

Hope you enjoyed! Also, hope everyone who got hit by this storm stayed safe!

I surely enjoyed !!! Great pics. I heard about the snowstorm on the Eastcoast in our weather report. Hope you are all safe !!:)
Warm greetings from Belgium

a snowstorm, I hope all is find in your area, shall I see that once? lol
never mind
your dog seem to be a bit surprised, he 's very nice.

My b's also love the snow much more than the rain.
But their feet get so cold!

Lovely photos! Not sure what my pups would think of it, but Dallas looked like he was having fun.

Great pics!!!!

Our B's wont think about getting into the snow.. haha

Great pics, he is beautiful and so is the snow… I really like the one where he is looking up at the snow falling!!!;)

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