More Snow Day Photos - Walk at the Park!

We've got about 2ft of snow here right now, doggie heaven!!

Here they are on a walk at the park:




The girls got straight into a crate with their toy when they got home

Great pics! Delilah looks too cute in her coat! And what a great place to walk the dogs!!

That coat is great, its really thick fleece so its lovely and warm, Lilah certainly looks snuggly in it!!

That park is fantastic for the dogs. And today, cos of the snow, there were loads of kids there building snowmen and stuff, all three dogs love kids so they were having snowball fights with them and stuff 😃 They had so much fun

Again lovely pics, love the third one of Riley. The girls had the right idea snuggling up in their crate.

First pic is too funny :D.

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