Kipawa enjoys a sunny day at the park

  • Seeing as Kipawa loves the dog park so much, I am treating him with a trip there every couple of days. It is a 15 minute drive there, mostly via highway and then through some scenic areas - lovely homes along the waterfront.

    Kipawa always starts off a little hesitant at the park, but then quickly pulls up his tail and enjoys everyone there. This time, he finally found a dog closer to his size that he really loved playing with.

    Overall, he befriends larger dogs more often. He did a couple of sweet nose greetings with two big dogs.

    And then there is time to go off on his own and figure out all of the smells. He runs around some taller grass, and I can almost think of him in Africa hunting and chasing down game.


  • Socialization is a wonderful thing! Glad he enjoys it so much, and that you have a nice park (with nice dogs) to go to.

  • Houston

    Yes, socialization is great and fun know he is having a ball and what better feeling is there?
    I love him playing with the doxie, as our doxie Gus is way to grumpy to play with Pippin..he snuggles with him but no play, NO…Gus will do anything for bodyheat but that is just about all.
    Great pictures btw.

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