• Well it is Friday and it's time to go to work.

    Caesar is sitting on the floor barely awake looking at me.

    Cairo sees me grab my purse and start walking to the door. He wiggles his little puppy body in front of me and the door and jumps up stretching his little legs as high as he can get them up the door.

    He then begins running around me all cute like and I of course submit. I look at Caesar to see if he wants to go, and he is just sitting there watching. We have guests at the house and Ceasar will love a quiet day without Cairo around.

    So I throw Cairo into his seatbelt in the back of my RX8 and we zip off to work. Here are a few pictures of him at work, sleeping…..

    I just can't say no to him! He is such a mommas boy.....

  • Lucky Boy!!! He gets to hang out with his momma all day…who wouldn't LOVE that?!!! 😃 😃

  • I get to take Hollie to both my part-time jobs everyday. She is truly a "velcro dog." I can seldom get her to nap though. She is constantly on duty - squirrel watching and/or playing with any number of other dogs that happen to be at work too. Aren't we lucky to get to take them with us?

  • Cairo is still sleeping in my lap. LOL….

  • Too precious!!!

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