Visitor for a few Days

one of our Puppies is here for a few days while her Family took a flight to England.

It is amazing how much she looks like her grandfather.

"] front left: Banshee (mom), right Shakti, behind Tinka.

Seelenfreund's Abrakadabra (aka Tinka).

Really amazing.. Great pictures. :D:D

All three are very beautiful!!!

Love those black and whites.

Really beautiful BWs! I really love that color. I had 1 female BW and the hair seemed finer than the rw's and tri's. My tri's hair is thick.


They are so very pretty. You are right they look so much alike. My Otis has the white around his nose just like that. I think it makes his little snout look like it is crooked, but adorable at the same time..Thanks for sharing..

Haven't seen many of the Black and Whites….......

Mind you, could just be my computer monitor playing up!


Nice! Banshee reminds me of the first basenji I'd ever seen - love the almost all black face. And I see it looks like the pic was taken right after a paper shredding fest! :p

I love the photos, they are such lovely girls. Of course, I LOVE the B/W ones.

Yes, I am very proud of my first "homemade" puppies. Banshee did a real great job and they developed very well.

Banshee is a Jangua Offspring and comes directley from the old Horsley bloodlines. This is why she seems so "I know her"….to most people...

Another "Yes" to the "hair-issue". The b/w's do have more soft coat. Well, if you believe in the rumors, which are told, then it could be like that. Check out a Lab's fur and compare.... but then you also should compare a Whippet's coat with the brindle's.... 😉



Gorgeous! They are very striking!

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