• Hello,
    After posting in the "Let it snow" thread in Off-topic, I decided to post some snow pictures from last night. We live in Kiel, Wisconsin, and recently got two big snowfalls, 16 and 14 inches respectively. As you can imagine, my basenji Tosca is Real thrilled about this:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    Anyway, after snowblowing out last night I just had to take some pics I don't know if I have ever seen the snow this high before! You can see one of me holding Tosca, the big snowbanks, and her playing in the massive snow piles. I know its mean but we couldn't resist throwing her on top of the big snow pile..she did have fun with it though…if only for a few minutes before we had to bring her in from the cold! Enjoy!!

    Oh, and now they are predicting up to another 12 inches Sunday...we'll see what happens!


  • Wow thats a good bit of snow, I wish I could have some, I miss the snow

  • lol thanks for posting…This reminds me of when I was a kid!!! how fun that must be to shovel!

  • Oh, yeah its a blast! This is our third winter in our house, and finally bought a snowblower this winter…and I am SO glad we did!

  • Fun, fun, fun!!

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