Pippin passed his Puppy Obedience class…

  • Houston

    ..with flying colors.
    He learned how to sit, down, relax down, roll over, shake, high five, come and stay…stay is NOT his favorite thing to do..thus we need more work on it..:)...oh and leave it..another one of those not so favorite things to do..lol.

    I had him do many stand stays too..for treats..to break him from always sitting when he thinks treats are coming..in other words..listen for the demand not think he knows what I want.

    The Graudation kiss from mommy

    One of his million sits..hehe

    Relax Down..

    Sitting while distracted..

    He did us proud..of course the lab mix pup did splendidly…but Pippin was smashing..according to the teacher he was very pleased with his mannerisms and demeanor..and his way around people... 😃

  • Congratulations Pippin & Petra! Love the "kiss" picture!

    I take it that this class is a different one from the confirmation class where you had a rough start with the trainer?

  • Houston

    Thank you Linda..

    Yes, this was a general obedience class..his confomartion classes are going better, we went to a new one last week..not with the same teacher. It was packed, 25 peeps with dogs of all sizes, ages, barkstyles and smells..he did much better…we will be going back there tomorrow again, hoping it will be smaller though..it was according to teh teacher, bigger than ususal as we just had a show here this past weekend..

  • Congrats, he is looking so adult now.

  • Congratulations!! And oh my.. that last picture… he looks sooo cute.... and obedient!

  • Well done, Pippin! Love how you look in that grad hat!

  • Congrats!

    Looks like a good student there….

  • Congratulations to Pippin and Petra.
    What is a relax down ?
    You have done well getting him to roll over, there is no way Malaika will lie on her side or roll over.

  • Houston

    Shelley, relax down according to my teacher is a down where both of the legs are somewhat out to one side, as supposed to down is sphinx position..
    The relax down is something they are more prone to want to stay in as it is more comfortable..although Pippin lays in sphinx position on his own.. 🙂

  • Thanks Petra, do you mean the back legs ?
    Malaika makes me laugh when she's asked to lie down and stay, if you look carefuly she isn't realy touching the floor as it's still too cold. The other people call her the princess 😃
    I just love that mortar board hat.

  • Houston

    Thanks Petra, do you mean the back legs ?

    Yes sorry, of course I mean the back legs.. 🙂

  • I'm not familiar with a relax down, don't know if we do it here ?
    We just do down stays in class in the sphnx position. So do you draw the back legs out to the side once they are down then ?

  • Houston

    Actually I have never heard of it either..our teacher is new to our area, from up north, maybe it is more common there..I like it though as it takes more for a dog to "break" the relax down as it is more relaxed.
    It is easy to teach..in the down position move you treat closer to one side in a semicircle, towards their stomach/groin area, and the dog will naturally kick his/her legs out, like moving onto one side of their hip, to "reach/follow" the treat, does that make sense?
    Do you clicker train?
    If you clicker train, once the legs kick out, click and treat..I don't say relax down..I just named it relax.. that way he can differentiate easier between the two.

  • thanks for the explanation Petra, i will give it a go, we may eventualy be able to take the treat further round so she goes on her side.
    We haven't used clicker training, just treats. Because we are doing the good citizenship training has to be done in a certain way and i don't think you can use a clicker.

  • Many congratulations to the oh so clever Pippin and of course to you as well.

    Our collies and Kangal have always doine the relax down as you call it in obedience classes and it was just treated as a normal down. At the same time the Basenjis would do the 'sphinx' down and both were acceptable. I haven't experienced it as a separate exercise.

  • Yes, very clever for both of you!!! Congrats on your success!!!!

  • Congratulations to you and Pippin. What a smart little boy!

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