A few more Pippin pics…

..cause I just love how cute he is 😃

Sleeping peacefully

my big crate..

Snuggling with Gus..

Getting a bath after the neighbor demon dog made me all muddy and cold…

My favorite spot up "high"

Laying around in the toybin…

Driving Moses nuts..ps..I am good at that 😃

..taking over Moses' crate..

Oh he is so cute - great that they are getting along .

Oh man….must repeat..."you can't have a puppy.....you can't have a puppy.....you can't have a puppy...." 😉

oh goodness what a cutie! Is Moses a pharoah hound? Those pictures of their pearly whites got me quite worried lol and then the picture of them sleeping was reassuring. Very beautiful puppy

He is so cute! He has a very nice head! Love the pics of him and Moses 🙂


Is Moses a pharoah hound?

No he is a Portuguese Podengo Grande Smooth..sweetest dog ever..well after Pippin, that is 🙂 and Luna and Gus too..

oh i should know that i just googled pictures of the podengo lol!

Beautiful! How do you post photos? I know this is a lame question, but honestly, I go into this technology thing kicking a screaming, but I would like to share some photos of the light of my life!

He does have a lovely head… I can see "C-Me" in that face!


Bewler…I do it the hard way...first I upload to photobucket, then I import to the forum...my computer won't let me do it straight...some security token is missing ??...so I gave up and went the photobucket route.

Bewler, go to the forum called "Show Off Your Dog". Right at the top is a 'sticky note' that tells you how to do it. Big files have to be resized in order to be posted. I resize mine through Microsoft Paint. When I attach them to my post, they show up as a thumbnail that members can click on to see a bigger pic.

I've forgotten how to post them the way Petra has, which I prefer.

Petra, Pippin is a sweet little guy. I love the picture of him in his 'high place', though they are all super shots.


Thank you guys…he is lovely, hope we will learn how to do the show circuit...mainly me having issues with that I guess.

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Okay - This is like Japanese to me! LOL! If I have photos in photoshop, for example, how do I put them on the Basenji forum? I feel so stupid! 🙂

What a face!!! My favourite pic is the first one. Made me melt.
Like someone else said - I must remind myself "You can't have a puppy…You can't have a puppy"!


Thank you all so much..I just came back from a walk on our property and what would you know…we have more pics...these are some of my favorites so far...sun and basenjis..better mix than that is not possible.

My absolute favorite…

a "c o c k roach" caught his attention

scary pond..(where Shrek died….)

Bewler, I don't know how to do it that way..I am very "blond" when it comes to techie stuff.

Great pictures, Petra.. All of them! You must be so happy with this wonderful boy 🙂

AWE!!! He is WAY too cute! Such a gorgeous pup. Im so glad he and your current dog are getting along. 🙂

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