• Houston

    ..cause I just love how cute he is 😃

    Sleeping peacefully

    my big crate..

    Snuggling with Gus..

    Getting a bath after the neighbor demon dog made me all muddy and cold…

    My favorite spot up "high"

    Laying around in the toybin…

    Driving Moses nuts..ps..I am good at that 😃

    ..taking over Moses' crate..

  • Oh he is so cute - great that they are getting along .

  • Oh man….must repeat..."you can't have a puppy.....you can't have a puppy.....you can't have a puppy...." 😉

  • oh goodness what a cutie! Is Moses a pharoah hound? Those pictures of their pearly whites got me quite worried lol and then the picture of them sleeping was reassuring. Very beautiful puppy

  • He is so cute! He has a very nice head! Love the pics of him and Moses 🙂

  • Houston

    Is Moses a pharoah hound?

    No he is a Portuguese Podengo Grande Smooth..sweetest dog ever..well after Pippin, that is 🙂 and Luna and Gus too..

  • oh i should know that i just googled pictures of the podengo lol!

  • Beautiful! How do you post photos? I know this is a lame question, but honestly, I go into this technology thing kicking a screaming, but I would like to share some photos of the light of my life!

  • He does have a lovely head… I can see "C-Me" in that face!

  • Houston

    Bewler…I do it the hard way...first I upload to photobucket, then I import to the forum...my computer won't let me do it straight...some security token is missing ??...so I gave up and went the photobucket route.

  • Bewler, go to the forum called "Show Off Your Dog". Right at the top is a 'sticky note' that tells you how to do it. Big files have to be resized in order to be posted. I resize mine through Microsoft Paint. When I attach them to my post, they show up as a thumbnail that members can click on to see a bigger pic.

    I've forgotten how to post them the way Petra has, which I prefer.

    Petra, Pippin is a sweet little guy. I love the picture of him in his 'high place', though they are all super shots.

  • Houston

    Thank you guys…he is lovely, hope we will learn how to do the show circuit...mainly me having issues with that I guess.

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  • Okay - This is like Japanese to me! LOL! If I have photos in photoshop, for example, how do I put them on the Basenji forum? I feel so stupid! 🙂

  • cuuuuute pup!

  • What a face!!! My favourite pic is the first one. Made me melt.
    Like someone else said - I must remind myself "You can't have a puppy…You can't have a puppy"!

  • Houston

    Thank you all so much..I just came back from a walk on our property and what would you know…we have more pics...these are some of my favorites so far...sun and basenjis..better mix than that is not possible.

    My absolute favorite…

    a "c o c k roach" caught his attention

    scary pond..(where Shrek died….)

    Bewler, I don't know how to do it that way..I am very "blond" when it comes to techie stuff.

  • Great pictures, Petra.. All of them! You must be so happy with this wonderful boy 🙂

  • AWE!!! He is WAY too cute! Such a gorgeous pup. Im so glad he and your current dog are getting along. 🙂

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