• LOL, those are all very cute, the middle one is hilarious, looks like someone got in a snowball fight LOL

  • GenJMar- Is winter in USA???? We have spring

  • I love basenjis in the snow!

  • We only got about 10" in Dayton. Very pretty, roads suck, dogs having great time chasing around.


  • You did get a lot of snow! That second pic is funny! At least they're having fun.

  • AlaNowak, your dogs are beautiful! The calander says we have 2 more weeks till spring, but old man winter wanted to make sure we knew he was still here. The offical total was 20 inches of snow.:( Here are some more pics ! There is one that is just the snow piled on top of the railing on my deck.


  • More Pics! Becky were your dogs somewhat confused about how deep the snow was? Mine were. Great pics of your dogs!


  • Aurora decided that she prefered to watch the snow fall from the comfort of her doggie bed in the bay window.:)


  • GenJMar- your girl looks just like my Meeka, I would post a picture but she's camera shy and wont let me get a good one of her!

    I'm near Akron, OH and got lots of snow too.. but I was running around with my B's so no pics to share.. Everyones pics are very cute!

  • ohio.. what can i say about ohio..
    my boyfriend and i drove there from NJ (18 hours round trip) to pick something up on friday night.. and the snow made the trip 30 hours instead.. we got home at 4 am on sunday morning..

    it is a gorgeous place though.. we drove right by columbus too!! i wish i had mia with us.. she would have disappeared in that snow! lol

    great pics!!

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