Puppy Pile

Here are some pics from a puppy party this weekend 🙂 Enjoy…we did!


And another photo 🙂


Those are adorable, just how many pups are in the first pile up?

There are 13, from two different litters. There were also five from a different litter not in the picture…not all the same breeder. They were brought together to be microchipped this weekend. Five of the puppies are full 'new' African pups.

Oh my goodness! That is a pile of sweetness!

They are so adorable! I can't believe they were all laying there like that.

😃 That's cool Andrea, thanks for sharing those…....little pile O Pups.:D

OMG! That is just too adorable!

Someone needs to have one of these 'puppy pile ups' here in Colorado. I have yet to see a Basenji puppy in real life : (

I enjoyed that! So cool 🆒

They are just way too cute!!!! Puppy fever strikes again!!!

that's a whole lotta adorable!

AWWWWW…I was about to say...1 litter of 13...but ya that would be great to see a puppy pile down here in South Dakota

Oh, my… If one would have to pick from all of these!!! It's like choosing flavors of ice cream at the Baskin Robbins. They all look so sweet that one could never decide what kind they wanted... LOL 😕

My choice would be easy, a tricolor 😃

mine would deffenately be the red/white…but they are all ALL so cute...idk which one of the red/white ones Id pick! SOOO CUTE

I love the Brindle pup. My Giz is tri, so a Brindle would be a good addition:D

My daughter (7) keeps asking me to look at this photo over and over again. She's partial to the 2 tris on "top" in the second picture. The one sleeping has the split blaze, just like Nala…that's her favorite. But then she says, "I can't decide."

Well… if I hadda pic... I think it would be the red & white or the Tri lookin' @ us in the 2nd pic, or the brindle turned toward the camera and the black & white (in the middle) with the nice white blaze in the 1st pic... Oh, I don't know... they are all so cute!!! Can I have 1/2 a dozen??? LOL

If I got a tri, a brindle, and a black & white… to go with my Bella (red & white) I'd have one of each color!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: LOL

lol that would be cool lol

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