What's your favourite kind of music?

  • LOL there is nothing NOT on my computer except rap/hiphop/twangy country. I have international (celtic, arabic, israeli, african, french, spanish)… classical, chamber music, opera, pop, rock, lady gaga :)... I love it all, depending on my mood.

  • i, too, listen to all kinds of music. in my car it's either npr, or on xm radio 90's on 9, hair nation, or the bridge. my ipod is filled with alternative, grunge, some pop-y love songs from the 80s and 90s, a little bit of country, 70s rock, and on and on. that's one reason i love pandora radio (pandora.com). i can listen to all kinds of music with no financial commitment. recently i've been listening to the edith piaf station, be good tanyas station, nickelback station, the script station, and the jason mraz station. lots of good music i never would have discovered has come up. i love that!

  • I lean toward folk & acoustic, but like some country Robert Earl Keene, Patsy Cline, 'rock and roll', classical, most jazz. In the car, I listen to the Bridge, the Village, Classic Vinyl and of course Margaritaville on my short commute, or local public radio.
    How do you get Pandora? Via computer? I love Edith Piaf.

  • pandora.com is internet radio - also available on iphone and android phones (or any with an internet connection i'd suppose). it's totally free - just create an account. type one artist you like and it will create a playlist for you based on music with similar qualities. it's seriously phenomal! i often just have it playing on my computer while i work. on the phone, i make sure i'm in a wifi area so it doesn't eat up my data plan!

  • I only have pandora on my computer but I agree it's great. But I really like Slacker.com better.

  • Benkura, I have heard of Wolfstone. It's sort of a rock celtic hybrid isn't it?

  • I have everything.. I mean everything. Country to opera, melodic death metal to Motown..punk blues to Chopin. beebob jazz to Broadway musicals.. as long as I like it I have it. I really think music is about what moves you, not the genre etc. I love local bands - live gigs, finding those one in a million artists who write their own music and lyrics, say it just as it should be, is epic.

  • @Benkura:

    Lenora, being Scottish, I love Celtic Music. Have you heard of a band called Wolfstone (not the Wolf Tones!)

    Wolfstone Seven is a great album!


    Wolfstone Seven is a great album!

    I prefer the Ivan Drever days of Wolfstone. Check out some of their older stuff on Youtube. I had 'Hector the Hero' played at our wedding and plan to name a litter of pups after their tunes some day.

    Ivan and Andy now both play in The Ivan Drever Band along with a chap from my home town.

    I don't get to many of their gigs anymore but used to be a 'groupy' and follow them around the place :o

  • First Basenji's

    I love all kinds of music- I do like hip-hop, I used to dance with Joe Tremaine Dance Co., so anything you can dance to works for me- but I cannot handle the hard rap stuff! I have a friend who's in a pretty good band out here in Discovery Bay. The band is called Sagacious Past- if you get a chance, check them out on YouTube. They're a metal band.

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