• We are in the middle of a bitter cold snap and yesterday it never got above about 5 degrees. Ella only got in one good walk yesterday and only produced poo once (2 or 3 is the norm). She will hold it in if the weather is bad enough, but eventually it will turn to diarrhea so I make an effort to get her to do her business if at all possible.

    It is even colder today. It was -22 this morning with no real hope of it getting above zero today. I took Ella out and she peed within a minute and turned tail to get back into the house. I coerced her to walk just a minute or two. I could see her little sphincter tighten up and knew she would produce quickly. (Basenji owners, you know what I am talking about!). She pulled on the leash and let out a cry and hopped around on 3 paws for a moment. I felt terrible but then she started her patented spinning around and squated in the snow. Sucess!

    You would think she had just won Crufts with all the praise she got for this accomplishment. I don't know whether to laugh or cry that this is what my life has come to.

  • I can relate. The only way to the fenced in yard at my house is via a two level deck that was completely frozen over in ice with more frozen stuff coming down it was impossible to keep it cleared. Trying to convince my 13yr girl to go potty(she refused to go on the deck) was a challenge. When she finally made it to the yard and did her business she came back in I wrapped her in a warm towel and just clapped and praised her. Really I got that excited over getting a dog to pee in freezing rain?

  • I feel like I am basking in Hawaii-like temperatures compared to you guys. We are in the high 30's right now. Kipawa does not mind the cold for his bathroom business, probably because if it freezes, our back yard doesn't dirty him up as the soppy grass has frozen.

  • Heh, we've been dealing with below 0 temps all winter. Was around -5F this morning with a brutal wind (felt like -30F).

    Kananga has learned that I won't go in until he's done (I obviously won't let it go too long, potential injury), so he's quick to do his business. I think on a good morning we're outside for no more than a couple minutes for him to do both duties.

  • if you have running water, you are ahead of me.

    and the feel-like index was -38 yesterday (according to the news person)

  • Just thought Id make everyone a little jealous!!!!!!!:p

    82 F
    4:52 PM
    Partly sunny

    Dont think we will be having any troulble on our walk this afternoon.

  • ohh wait.. wanna see the three day forecast????:D

    Three-Day Forecast

    Sunshine and some clouds
    RealFeel?: 91?F
    High Temperature: 86?F
    Low Temperature: 69?F
    Details | Hour-By-Hour

    Sunny to partly cloudy with a shower
    RealFeel?: 87?F
    High Temperature: 85?F
    Low Temperature: 66?F
    Details | Hour-By-Hour

    Pleasant with abundant sunshine
    RealFeel?: 83?F
    High Temperature: 84?F
    Low Temperature: 68?F
    Details | Hour-By-Hour

  • I don't know how folks cope in that type of cold.
    I know you have the clothes to help, but really isn't it hard to do ANYTHING??

  • dmey -
    keep posting things like that and we are all going to show up on your doorstep.

    sharron -
    i dont know. we stay inside. This past weekend was in the 60's (i think) and friday is forcasted to be in the 50's so it's not like it lasts very long. the badsenjis have been coping by peeing in the house which is a bigger pain in the you know what when the pipes are frozen and you can't wash anything.

  • Jaycee went out to pee and so much snow so hard for her to go and little Jayden well he still has not gotten the hang of boys lift leg so he had problems. Fun to watch them to try and run and jump in all the white stuff.

    Rita Jean

  • I cannot even imagine -38 degrees! If we get into the 30s or 20s I am in heavy coats and gloves. It was 74 degrees here today, and muggy…but I'm not complaining about anything!

    And Australia (Queensland) has been hit with a Cat. 5 cyclone, after the floods they are just getting over. Global climate change...fact or myth????
    Stay warm and safe, everyone!

  • The weather here is terrible too, 70 and sunny. Saturday is going to be really bad at 75 and sunny.

    But that's why a 760 sq ft house goes for $460,000! Gas is almost $4/gal.

  • Houston

    Dan, I am so sorry about your inclement weather forecast….not!!

  • @agilebasenji:

    if you have running water, you are ahead of me.

    and the feel-like index was -38 yesterday (according to the news person)

    I do not understand people who live where it gets that cold. I mean, come on. If you were sent to Siberia and locked in a prison cell, okay. But when I seen northerly US and Canadians living in 20 to 50 below zero, all I can think is MOVE, MOVE NOW. Holy cow.

    LOL on "what my life has come to." Cara is okay with cold but wet… I can either GO WITH HER AND CHASE OFF THE SIDEWALK/PORCH/STONES or go out and clean poop off them because she will NOT put her feet in the grass if she can help it. I have suffered almost a month with back/neck disk pain (doctor put me on steroids yesterday for 6 days.. amazing difference), and had flu for 2 wks mid Dec so I have spent a lot of time scraping off poop when I could hobble down the stairs and go clean. Sigh. And I love every hair on her bratty body.

  • Its been a fairly steady and amazingly warm winter this year. it's been in the low 20's this week. Its not too bad, but the wind, especially yesterday with the huge blizzard that blew over and dropped a good two foot, that gets Zumi a little iffy about going outside. He's pretty good about doing his business quickly, though if he does the lame little chihuahua leg lifting and whining i have to lead him to a spot and demand he potty, and lots of praise and warm kitties to cuddle with back inside. My poor long-hair has become his personal heating pad. 🙂

    I would not trade this weather for the world. i love the snow, and the cold. not much of a heat person to be honest. anything above 65 is a bit too warm for me, lol

  • @DebraDownSouth:

    I do not understand people who live where it gets that cold. I mean, come on. If you were sent to Siberia and locked in a prison cell, okay. But when I seen northerly US and Canadians living in 20 to 50 below zero, all I can think is MOVE, MOVE NOW. Holy cow.

    well, those temps are rather abnormal and we were in the 60s on saturday and 50's projected for this weekend, so it's not really too bad. i now have a little running water; hopefully the pipes will finish thawing today.

  • OMG! That is so cold!!

  • Hey lysh, hows the hurricane?

  • These stories crack me up because I can completely relate - bitter cold winters and a horrid wind to boot here in Wyoming! I have to carry Pokey out when it is cold, snowy or rainy. And then, he shakes his feet like a cat. It took awhile to get him to do his business when unpleasant outside!

  • Rain, rain and more rain! Is anyone else in the Midwest and Midsouth tired of the rain and storms? It looks like my area will be setting a record for the most rain ever for the month of April. I have had ponds at the back of my yard and they were the largest ever as it takes forever for the water to drain. Later today, another 1 1/2" of rain is due.

    The good news is that Friday and Saturday there will be no rain. This will be the first time since April 5 and 6 that we have had two days together with no rain. At least it has been warm and not cold as I hate cold rain. I will be thankful when April is over!


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