Hello from Hamilton, NJ

Hi! I'm Mo. My dog's name is Mambo. He is a 3 1/2 year old Basenji and Shiba Inu mix. He's 28 lbs, very friendly, and playful. Has very good temperament and is obedient for the most part!:)


LOL… either the best or the worst of both breeds.... those of us that show kid each other.. the one is a X with hair and the other is a X without hair...

But they are much the same.... and a combo of both... yikes... what a picture... he is very cute.... Welcome

What a gorgeous dog!! He reminds me very much of my first dog, who was a Basenji X Border collie, black and white like yours and the exact same weight. My girl had traits from both breeds (picture an obedient Basenji ;)) but, could she ever bark! Look forward to seeing more photos of your boy! 🙂

Welcome to the forum Mo! Mambo is a very handsome dog! I almost adopted the below mix from the So CA Basenji rescue and the lady that runs it talked me out of it. Said she screams quite often. I thought she was a beauty.

thanks for welcoming Mambo and I to the forum, and thank you all for your kind comments.


Welcome to you both…he sure is a cutie.

Welcome Mo and Mambo. Love the name Mambo for a male basenji!

Welcome…does your mix bark?

Mambo is quite stunning!

what a great name for such a good lookin' pup!

First Basenji's

Love the pictures of Mambo! I can definitely see the Basenji in him. I am curious about how the Shiba appears in the mix though. Do you know for sure if he has Shiba in him? I ask because I'm curious about how coat genetics might come out… if it's possible to have a Shiba mix with no hint of red.

Mambo is soooo shiny. Your other dog too. Welcome!

Thanks everyone! Mambo is a name my mom and sister came up with while I was living in Long Beach, CA. His bark sometimes is the typical yodel-barroo when we play and when he asks for his toy, and the Shiba cry if he hears me outside but can't see me! His mom is a pure bred Shiba for sure.

Here are some pictures of his parents and Mambo as a puppy.

Deja, Mambo's mom playing with him in the background

Obviously he gets his fluff from the Shiba side

I was a bit sad the day I took him because his mom really loved to play with him. He was the most curious and independent from the litter

First Basenji's

So fascinating. Thanks for sharing those additional pictures. I had wondered if maybe the Shiba was a cream, as I understand that's a recessive coat color. But I also read somewhere that the Shiba cream trait is actually a really, really diluted red (hence, the red tipping you often see on the ears of cream Shibas), so I didn't know if it was possible for some red to show up in offspring. Again, I don't know canine genetics at all.

We are a Shiba Inu / Basenji 2-dog household here (both spayed/neutered), so I am smitten by the idea of your dog. The best of both worlds. 😉

First Basenji's

Mo, were Mambo's parents originally from Long Beach, too?
He really looks a LOT like the mix that Dan posted. What if they're related??

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