• Yesterday I took Ayo to the dog park again. This is his second time. Las time it was perfect , he got along great with everyone. This time, there was one German Sheperd, who had no problems with Ayo, and kept wanting to play, but for some reason Ayo did not like him and would growl and get really angry. Now , I had noticed that Ayo doesnt loke it when bigger dogs are too upfront, in his face.. The other dog just wanted to play and never got aggressive even when Ayo was growling at him.. I was confused. Sometimes, Ayo gets so obnoxious that other dogs would growl a bit,and let him know they wont have it. .. But this time it was Ayo that was doing that, and the other dog kept coming back to play.

    1. I wasnt completely sure that Ayo was really angry, although it didnt sound nice…,so dont know if I should of just let them..
    2. realized that I dont know what the proper way to correct him or even If I should, in order to not encourage the behavior.
      What do you think?
      There was also a guy with a Lab in heat, which was a real mess, and he didnt even know she was in heat.

  • I have seen the same behavior countless times at our dog park. It's kind of like kids on a playground - some kids just take a disliking to certain other kids - who knows why?
    If you can REALLY tell whether Ayo is about to do more than just growl - maybe let them have a few minutes to see if they can sort it out if he doesn't seem to be escalating (sometimes at the park, owners are hyper-vigilant about how other owners might perceive their dogs and over react to normal dog behavior). I have seen lots of folks try to reprimand their dogs at the park, but IMO it is a tough place to try to correct your dog and frankly, sometimes they are acting in ways that freak the humans out, but are totally normal to other dogs.With all that said, if Ayo is being aggressive, Dog Park manners dictate that the owner with the growling dog should leave the park as it's your dog who is being a nuisance. If they Do get into a tangle - grab the nearest water bowl and throw it on them - if nothing else it will give you a few seconds to grab Ayo and take him home.
    As for the Lab in heat - Oh boy! I HATE that! You would think people would be smart enough to just stay home! I have actually met people at the park who, upon entering, say "I think he might be aggressive with other dogs, but I thought I would bring him and see how it goes"! REALLY?
    Good luck to you!

  • First Basenji's

    I sometimes have the same problem with Mojo. Most people at the dog park I go to are very understanding and often give helpful advice. I have found that the more often I take Mojo, the better he behaves. He will sometimes growl at bigger dogs, but after a minute, he calms down. I think Mojo wants to play with these dogs- he loves to play chase, and when the other dog doesn't play his game, he gets mad. I did have to leave one day- there was a brown lab that Mojo would not leave alone- he just stayed in his face and would growl. It seems like some days he is better than others, and if he is having a difficult time with another dog, I take Mojo home. It also takes a few minutes for Mojo to get used to being around many other dogs. After he has some time to get acustomed to the other dogs, he enjoys playing. When I first started taking Mojo to the dog park, he did growl at other dogs quite a bit- he is so much better now that he is used to going. I would continue to take Ayo, but keep an eye on him. He may just need some time to get used to being around other dogs. He sounds like Mojo when I first taking him, but after a few more visits, he has adjusted nicely!

  • Can you pack a small squirt bottle with you to take to the park? They are really effective. If Ayo starts displaying any signs of aggression, a little squirt from the bottle can snap him out of it. There were two dogs at our first training class yesterday that were growling at each other a fair bit. One of the dogs was obviously more agitated, and the trainer used a quick squirt on that dog. Problem solved immediately.

    As far as taking a dog in heat to the dog park, how ridiculous is that! Kipawa was rolling around on the ground with a bitch, and the owner said to me "I know he is young, but could he get her pregnant"? Dumb question. Maybe Kipawa is too young, but there were a ton of other dogs around who could have easily become a 'daddy'. It just makes me shake my head.

  • Thanks, for all the advice. I couldn't agree more, I kind of had the feeling that if I let them be it would have resolved itself, but I must admit, I let myself be concerned about what the others were thinking of my dog. I took him out and just hung out with people outside waiting to see if he left, but by the time he left thaws getting dark. the owner of the German sheperd was fine he wasn't worried at all.
    As far the squirt gun goes, that's a great idea, I have been meaning to get one to correct Ayo at home, but that's true I will definitely get one.
    Yeah , and the guy with the dog in heat!! I asked him immediately because the minute he walked in all the dogs went straight to her behind and she would sit, like they do .. And he said… No no , that was earlier this month, and I asked him what was, and he said she was bleeding.. And I said yeah of course first they bleed and then it's. What is it nine days? To where the heat starts? I ve never had a female dog but I knew it was something like that!! So she was in full heat probably. he eventually took her out just because she kept sitting and all the dogs kept harrassing her.
    Thanks for the advice, maybe I will go back this afternoon.

  • I had issues at our dog park, but with an owner.
    Here is the story, I was alone in the large dog park. I saw this fellow come up with an old german shepard. I told him my 3 dogs didn't play well with others, and I would take them out I was at the gate, leashing them up, when I was talking to them.
    He said," No your dogs won't bother mine". I said, yes, they might try to bite your dog, so please just wait, and I will leave.
    He said, "well, if your dogs are so dangerous, why did you bring them to the park"?
    I said, No one was here and why are you being so mean?"
    He said, not being mean, just asking a question…all in a very ugly tone.

    Gee, I was trying to make sure all dogs had a fun day and no one had any issues.
    So, this guy was just a tool! IMO...am I wrong to use an empty dog park and take my dogs out when someone comes?

  • Well, you know, just as dogs interact with other dogs at the dog park, so do humans,.. And believe me, humans are MUCH more complicated creatures!! Who knowsmaybe he is a tool, or maybe he had a bad day,.. Some people talk like that, and at first you think, how rude!! And then you realize that that's just how they talk.. Who knows.. The important thing I think is to be fair but not let people take advantage because there is always someone who will… " cut in line" or act a certain way to get you to do what they want..
    If only people were as nice as our dogs!!!

  • Yes, your right..folks should be as nice as our dogs.

  • First Basenji's

    I have been very lucky as to have found a neighborhood dog park where the people seem to be more interested in helping others out instead of giving attitude. Even if Mojo is not on his best behavior, they are all very helpful. I really like the the water bottle idea- I am going to start using that when he growls at other dogs. Thanks!

  • Our dog park is very cliquish. Owners gather on one side and yak while their dogs do whatever. If one of their dogs picks a fight they get mad with the owner of the dog that's been jumped. Interrupts their socializing I guess. We don't go much anymore unless it's off-hours.

  • Yeah, some people think they can just leave their dog there and go chat or even go for a jog!!!.. luckily, so far people here have been pretty cool, they are all really nice and willing to help and without attitude. even the guys with the fighting pitbulls, who hang out by the dog park area ,are at least responsible enough not to come inside with their dogs. I have to say I dont understand why anyone would want to fight a dog or anything really but..
    In general I am pretty surprised, honestly I thought it wouldnt be as nice.
    I went again this afternoon, im just getting back, and it was great. There were some new people, and the german sheperd was there again, and this time it was better, they did end up growling at each other but for the most part Ayo didnt pay much attention to him. There were some people there who have an organzation called friends of animals ( in spanish) and they get together on weekends to do dog things and they are professional trainers.. He mentioned he knows someone here who has a few basenjis. It turns out they are the same person I already knew. Mr. Aguilo. He imported a couple of basenjis and pretty much all the basenjis here are from those. I know there is
    Ramses de Aguilo and Aida de Aguilo. I think he bought a Djakomba basenji and crossed her with Redmarsh Bufallo Soldier which I think he owns or co-owns, i am not sure. I will find out, this week.

  • First Basenji's

    Glad it went good today! Mojo started out the same way, but he's getting much more used to it now. All I have to do is say Dog Park and he runs to the front door!!

  • Not a dog park advocate. I like those that let people sign up fenced areas for them and their play mates… or by size. But allowing a GSD and basenji to settle issues is dangerous... you did right removing him. Also, squirt bottle can backfire... can make him even more antagonistic by associating spraying with the dog. Dogs aren't children who HAVE to get along with others. I'd plan play days with dogs you know if possible.

  • Yeah, I thought about that, that they should have a separate one for bigger dogs.. but…
    Its not really a dog park.. its a in a public park, and the government hardly spends on people , much less dogs.. its an abandoned Badminton court that someone has gathered some money to fence and put two doors on and some sand. thats it..
    Another thing it should have is double doors. Cause I keep having to run and grab Ayo everytime someone is trying to come in, cause if he gets out... ....

  • First Basenji's

    The dog park I go to is brand new and beautiful! It's pretty big and totally fenced in. They always have doggie bags and water available. They also have a small area where you walk in and then it leads into the big park area, so when you enter the main park even if another dog tries to get out it is fenced- no escaping!!! The people are really friendly and keep a good eye out on their dog. I haven't seen any dogs that cause much trouble, and if any dog is not behaving, the owners usually leave and try again another day. It has helped Mojo with his socializing so much! We used to leave if any bigger breeds showed up- Mojo didn't always play nice with big dogs, but now he does a lot better- we don't have to leave anymore!!!

  • For the most part the people and dogs are pretty good where I go but there are instances of dogs being possessive of the balls the owners throw. So Buddy, being the friendly dog and wanting to chase it too get's occasionally attacked by the other dog. Yesterday a girl was throwing a ball for her large dog and he got into a small short fight with another large dog, then a little snarly with some other dog. Buddy went near him when he was getting his ball and he attacked Buddy. No damage done, just scared him as he's not a fighter. I told the girl "your dog is way too possessive of that ball!" She apologized, asked if Buddy was OK and she said she was taking him right out of the park. If a dog is possessive of a ball don't bring it into the park! When someone throws a ball for their dog usually 2-3 other dogs chase it too.

  • Yeah, I don't think people should bring the dogs toys or treats into the park , that can cause problems with resource guarding….

  • Our off leash park is wonderful, but definitely different on the weekend. For one, there are way more dogs and people, but more importantly, most of the people there are not very in tune to what is going on with their dogs. There was a pug today that was tugging at Kipawa. Good thing Kipawa is good natured - he just walked back to me. I prefer the dogs and owners that are there during the week.

  • Going back to an earlier suggestion on Bewler's post - I wouldn't throw a bowl of water over two dogs in a fight - it will most probably make them even angrier.

    What a shame that some owners arer so irresponsible in taking aggressive dogs into the park. It is a privilege to be able to allow interaction in a friendly level in such an environment.

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