• I have a newly adopted a 15 month R&W female Basenji. I am absolutely in love with her! She knows sit, lay down, and even likes to play ball (when in the mood). Anyways, she was an owner surrender and went to a Basneji rescue group. So she went from being an only dog to one of many. Then she was jumped by 2 domestic dogs. She is now aggressive towards other dogs. Mainly small dogs. I am not sure if it is her hunting instinct or fear/aggression from the attack. I was just reaching out to others who have experience with Basenji's and to see if anyone else has ever had this problem.


  • I cannot speak to your specific problem because I have had both my B's since they were puppies. I CAN say, however, that my 3 yr old girl has never been attacked and is VERY dog aggressive. She goes into full growling-teeth-snapping mode as soon as any other dog {except Basenjis} come into sight. Even then, she gets a bit snarky with Basenjis also.
    She's so bad we've been asked to leave the vet's waiting area because she was making so much noise at every other dog it was disturbing to people :eek: :o

    It's not something I've worked on with her because other than vet visits, she really never sees other dogs up close so I just don't get the opportunity. I mean, most people aren't willing to take their sweet dogs on walks with Tasmanian Devil dog just to help the Devil Dog get over her problems :rolleyes:

    I have been thinking that I do need to address the issue though, and next week am going to meet a trainer with an excellent reputation. I may just be talking as I'm not sure I can afford her, AND she lives about 40 minutes away, BUT maybe I can work something out.

    Anyway, like I said, I can't be of help, but I know what it's like to live with a dog like that!

  • Some females are very much into showing other dogs who is boss she is.
    Does this happen when she is on a leash, walking loose, or just when you have folks with dogs come into your home?

  • I would recommend the book Fiesty Fido by Patricia McConnell. There are things that can be done to help make the distance she is comfortable with other dogs smaller but she may never really like to be around other dogs. I have a reactive dog. He has been attacked several times and makes a lot noise to let other dogs know he would like them to go away.

  • I think that she thinks that dogs smaller than her are food. I am not sure though because I have not had much of a chance to get to know her. I know that she does like her personal space though. She got along fine with a friend of mines pug until Urbi (my dog) decided that she wanted to go sniff around. The pug stayed on her checking her out and thats when she got mad. I also notice that when other dogs are around (like in someones house with the only the screen door closed her hair raises up.

    This is not so much of a problem because she will be an only dog for a long time and does not really have to come into contact with other dogs much, I would just like her to feel comfortable around other dogs.

    I have now received the number of someone in my area that has experience with Shiba Inus (sp?) I have heard that they are kinda similar in personality to Basenji's. I am going to try to get a hold of her sometime this week. She is a very good Basenji (she knows sit, down, we are working on stay, and she loves to fetch when in the mood) and I know she just wants to please. I would just like to make life a little more comfortable for her!

    Thank you guys so much for all the help! I will absolutely take your advice and I am going to look for Fiesty Fido right now! Its comforting to know that Urbi is not the only one out there with this problem!

  • Shiba's are "the furry" version of a Basenji!… ggg.. and yes they can be very alike in their temperaments.

  • I've heard good things about FFido. I like Control Unleashed. Both are available from dogwise.com I believe

  • Thanks guys! I will be checking those books out!

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