• I agreed to take care of my friend's dog over the holidays (ok, no comments on craziness!). At the time, we did not have Joey. I still agreed to take Apolo even after we got Joey tho. So, now is the time! Apolo is a mix of some kind of retriever, I think. He is easy going, but the two of them have gotten into a few brawls. I have to split them up. (No one is hurt yet including me!) Please HELP! What is the best way to get these guys tolerating each other. Joey is not neutered. Apolo is and lives with a Pom. They are both a year old. Joey is an only dog. Please, please, I have never done this before!!! I need suggestions.

  • More…I read another thread and I already did the meet and greet on neutral territory. They got to the last name (butt sniff) and were fine, but they did not actually play together. Joey really hasn't been interested in playing with other dogs other than his housemates at the breeder (we got him at 10 months). I have taken both on walks together and they are fine. Should I just let them sort it out? I'm fearful that one might get hurt.

  • Wow, this would make me nervous. I'm not an expert in any way, but I do have 3 Basenji's and have dealt with introduction issues. Bringing a "guest" dog into Joey' house (which is how Joey will see it) could be trouble – I'm just trying to warn you. Seriously, you may want to rethink this IF you can. They may be completely fine, but there may big issues. Despite the obvious damage, confrontation issues could lead to long term socialization problems with Joey. Dog's are funny that way. I've read where a dog was fine with others until one fight, then all other dogs made them nervous.

    If you still do take him in, make sure you have a crate for Apolo. That is a MUST. If you find the 2 are not working out, you need to be able to separate. Apolo should be crated first. Don't ever let your guard down either. The minute you think all is well (ie "oh, look at them laying in the sun together") SNAP -- they can be at it! Because Apolo is a guest and not long term, I don't think letting them sort it out is a good idea. You don't want it to go too far. Joey will want to feel like the top dog and I'd hate to see him or Apolo hurt.

    Make sure Joey and Apolo spend some time together before coming into the house. Take them both on a walk. Bring them into the back yard, etc. Try to get them tired (not easy for 1 yr olds). Try to keep the energy level down in the house. Then just be careful. Hopefully they'll be buds and not fight -- again, just keep a close eye on them.

  • Thanks so much! Seems like noone wanted to touch this with a ten foot pole!
    I know this is Joey's home and have let him be the dominant one and just screamed at them (I know, bad) to cut it out when they brawl. When they have brawled, I put Apolo in his crate and leave Joey out. I am commited to keeping Apolo as my friends are now in Brazil! I have been watching the two dogs dutifully. This is the first day. At times all is fine, then wham, they are at it. I did some acquaintances, but not enough. Sure hope this doesn't affect how Joey reacts to other dogs. I guess I am learning my lesson the hard way. I would appreciate any more suggestions!

  • I'm no expert at all…but I was watching the Dog Whisperer the other day & he basically had the same situation. You need to assert yourself as the pack leader & let them know that this is not acceptable behavior. NO yelling, no words just a short sound and YOU confront Joey or Apolo (depending on who's starting the fights) & let them know this is not acceptable. He confronted the aggressor & made the dog sit & relax & he made the dog stay in his submissive relaxed position. Once the aggressor was relaxed he held on to him with a leash & brought the victim dog over & made sure they were both relaxed (Cesar between the two).

    hope this helps

  • Thanks! Perhaps I should ask…all I want for Christmas is a visit with Cesar!

  • I'd be careful and cautious as well.
    Joey doesn't know this intruder is short term and Joey will try to hang onto/fight for anything he deems important to him…...it's his turf. You have to be able to determine if he's staking out his turf or just wanting a fight. I would seperate them if you don't have time to supervise fully, like cmd said, it only takes a flash of a second.........you don't want your dog in a dog fight and you don't want to try to break them up from one either.
    If Joey is grumbling for no real reason, let him know that is unacceptable and correct him. If he continues, I'd put a collar and lead on him and just let him drag that around and let him know you can gain control over him at a moments notice.

  • I dog sat a malamute over the summer… a very dominant Mal.

    Tucker knows this dog, they see each other almost daily, but have had their fair share of nips & growls here & there. We had this dog in our home for a month - and honestly, there were no major issues. I continually made it clear that I AM THE BOSS, neither of the dogs are. I made them BOTH work for everything, as I normally do w/ Tucker. But by doing so, it continually reminded the Mal I'm in charge, not him. Also reminded my own dog, I take care of things, not him.

    we fed them in different rooms (since the Mal would take Tucker's face off if he got too close to his food), and we kept them seperated at night, and whenever we couldn't watch them.

    I was pleasantly surprised how well it went. I was the boss of the house, but did let my dog keep "his" things to himself. his fav toys, his food, his crates, his blankets, etc.. were all OFF LIMITS to our doggie-guest. basically so Tucker didn't feel "threatened".

    when they got things to chew on, they were also seperated. basically I focused on preventing issues before they arose. which seemed to work well.

    so yes, take charge, seperate when needed, and prevent issues. have fun dog sitting!

  • Thanks! I am trying to be in charge, but so far that means ALL THE TIME. I have resorted to crating Apolo all day. I do take him out for several play times, but haven't been able to keep the house under control when they are out together. We are not able to separate them as our house is very open. I think I may take Apolo to his home for the day, then have him sleepover. He has a basement to stay in. Joey has to sleep in the same room as Apolo or he goes nuts! So…Apolo sleeps in his crate and Joey in bed all in our room. My husband loves me!!!:rolleyes:

  • I just received some advice from the Dog Whisperer. They said that it is MY house NOT Joey's house. I should not let him practice bad behavior just as I would not let my teenagers behave rudely in MY house. (Ha! I feel so empowered 😉 Anyway, they suggested that I take turns with Apolo and Joey in the crate. If they are out together, then Joey is on lease and is corrected for bad behavior. Joey has been the aggressor. I will be trying these things as we have Apolo for 3 weeks! (btw, Joey is in the crate now and he is PISSED! After a few corrections for growling tho, he is sitting quietly albeit with a pissed look on his face.) Also, Apolo went to Joey in his crate and they had a nasty interaction, so I told Apolo NO and now he is about the house and leaving Joey alone.

  • That's even better advice & really sounds like it's on the money! Good luck in YOUR house 😃

  • I kept my brothers Boxer that is a 15 month old female for 3 weeks a couple of months ago at things were rough at first, but it got better. Cali was definitely the dominant dog out of the two of them, and they did get in scuffles occasionally. I made sure that I kept them under control so things would not get out of hand. After a few days they started getting along really well and I was able to take them for walks together with no problems. They both were crated during the day while I was at work and Cali sleeps on my bed at night. Cali started waking up every morning at would sit outside Lady's crate until I would let her out in the morning. After 3 weeks I was actually sad to see Lady go and Cali seemed a little sad for a couple of days. I was actually shocked that Cali and Lady got along because there are certain breeds that Cali seems to dislike.

  • <<then joey="" is="" on="" lease="" and="" corrected="" for="" bad="" behavior="">>

    I was going to sit on my hands on this one…but I just can't 😉 Beware of some of Dog Whisper's advice....it isn't the best advice for all breeds, or all individual dogs. Depending on what kind of correction you are giving for interacting with another dog, you can make aggression worse, instead of better.

    Here is a scenario...dog growls at other dog, you yank on the leash, dog learns not to growl, and just waits until your back is turned for a full on attack towards other dog. Apolo is an intruder to Joey's space, not a dog in the pack that you want to get along. IMO, if they have any chance of getting along they need to work out their differences, not bury them. That does not mean I would let dogs fight it out! But human intervention can escalate dogs into a fight very quickly if not done correctly. I would keep them separate when you can't be watching, and maybe more to keep peace in the house; and I would take them for lots and lots of walks together. I would reward good behavior; and really work on their obedience skills.

    Make sure you are rewarding them when they ignore the other dog in the crate.

    I dunno, seems to me, at least with Basenjis you will always, ALWAYS catch more flies with sugar than vinegar...kwim?

    I agree though, that you should never let dogs practice things in your home that you don't like...that is just common sense. Practice makes permanent!</then>

  • Yes, I agree with you about applying certain training methods to all breeds. I didn't think reprimanding him by pulling on the leash was a good idea, so I didn't. The Dog Whisperer did not suggest to pull on his leash. Just be able to quickly end a brawl. I did reward Joey with good behavior in his crate and when he ignored Apolo. In his crate, Joey actually turned his back to Apolo when he was in the room. Joey stopped whining pretty quickly too. I appreciate your advice and for not sitting on your hands! Please don't hesitate to comment anytime, at least to me!!!!

  • Oh and to jys1011, your advice is the same as the Dog Whisperer. You paid attention 😃

  • UPDATE - I have implemented some of the suggestions and have gotten the two interacting without aggression only if I am between them. I had a cooling off period by taking Apolo back to his house for awhile and then reintroduced him into the house, very slowly. In retrospect, I allowed Apolo to bound into Joey's territory unsupervised and Joey thought it was rude. I think Joey is also concerned about his space too. I gave them both treats while being good as I was squatting between them. One treat fell that I was giving to Apolo and as Joey went for it between Apolo's feet, Apolo snapped at him. I reprimanded Joey. Joey is still not comfortable with Apolo running freely around the house, but I did get them to lay down next to me and stay without disturbance. Progress, I think. How am I doing??? (I will never do this again, especially over a holiday!!!. Learned lots of things the hard way, but maybe that made me learn faster!)

  • << Progress, I think. How am I doing??? (I will never do this again, especially over a holiday!!!. Learned lots of things the hard way, but maybe that made me learn faster!)>>

    Sounds like progress! This is just a really, really hard thing to do 😞 Things will never be totally settled until the dogs sort out who is going to be in charge, and unfortunately, as adults, basenjis are often very reactive to other adult dogs…so it often turns into a fight before they dogs can even find out if they might be able to be friends.

    Strong human leadership is great, but it doesn't really settle the issue between the dogs.

    Isn't funny how fast you can learn new things when there is no option!? 🙂 Kudos to you for hanging in there 🙂

  • Well, thanks for the encouragement, but I am not liking this at all. You are right…"Strong human leadership is great, but it doesn't really settle the issue between the dogs." The issue will not be settled and I can not be between them 24/7. I am actually going to call Apolo's vet to see if I can board him. It is just too much for all the family (7). I did not do my homework, so now I am paying for it, financially and emotionally! I have appreciated all the help! Anybody want to watch a dog? 😃

  • So sorry that you have to resort to boarding Apolo. I imagine it must be an enormous strain on you to keep an eye on both of them. I have 2 Bs & it seems like that to me too. I often wonder if I was right in getting TWO from the beginning but then I think I can't imagine my life without either of them. It's just a LOT of work. 🙂 I hope it works out in the end.

  • I've been reading along here, Sandra. Sorry it's not working out for you. Sometimes, best intentions go haywire. (I've had quite a few.) You have a big heart for taking Apollo for 3 weeks. I'm learning a lesson here too. Maybe . . . just maybe if they had been introduced and had several successful playdates in each others home before a live-in arrangement, might have worked better and then be able to assess an invitation? You know the term: "Could'a - Should'a - Would'a" Believe me, I appreciate learning from others - as I hope sharing experiences in this forum does help all who are interested. Thank you.

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