• Most of the pack is planning to ring in the New Year in front of the fire.

    L'Ox is hoping to get in some impersonating of others on social media before the new year when it becomes a misdemeanor.


  • Happy New Year's Eve! Mine will be in their kennels with a stuffed kong so they can avoid the masses of people that will be in the house. They usually get to come and hang out later in the evening. They're very popular with the party guests.

  • Awwwww!!! That's so cute and sweet - a team of B's right in front of the fireplace, all facing the same direction, all snuggled up, all is peaceful, and comfy!!! :p:p:p

  • Happy new year! The dogs and I will have a quiet evening at home. Well, maybe not so quiet if the neighbors shoot off fireworks or something. It's been a great day though. BBC America has run a Doctor Who marathon all day so I'm a happy girl. 😃

  • I'm at work until 9pm (and back in again tomorrow). I'll be having a late dinner with Nayru and Batman. 🙂

  • Quiet night for the Tanza group…. we are eating early... and will be lucky to make it till 9pm.... PST...ggggg

  • First Basenji's

    A real live fire AND a space heater?
    It's going to be cozy indeed. 🙂

    Happy new year!

  • There always seems to be an odd dog out so they can have the space heater when everyone else has decided the bed in front of the fire is full.

  • Wow how neat all the dogs in front of the fire!

  • Buddy and I are staying home and watching Toy Story 3. OK, I'm watching and he's sleeping.:D:D:D

  • Jaycee, Jayden and rest of us are sitting at home watching tv. The drink for the night good old Mugs root beer.

    Rita Jean

  • The dogs called it a night before midnight.


  • It's amazing the pups will all cozy up together in front of the fireplace like that - did they have enough beds under them??? And Ivoss, adorable picture - especially the one looking at us from under the covers.

  • Houston

    We laid low as well…comfort foods galore..late night firepit and cozy going on..Moses (the podengo wonderboy) ended up chasing the fireworks neighbors were shooting off, so I had to put him up..was afraid he would get hurt. All in all a wonderful, lazy ending to a good year.

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