The Wait!!!!!


Hi everyone.
I am back after a long hiatus.
We have decided we are going to get 2 pups this season. Yes, we are crazy.
We thought about it, and thought that it would be best if they had each other to play with, and grow up together.

One will be from New World Basenjis. 1/2 Avongara from their Kita x Willow breeding, and the other was going to be from a domenstic breeding, that did not take, so instead we are going with one of the full Lukuru pups.

We went and met the Lukuru pups last weekend. They are the cutest things, and so people oriented and friendly. I can't believe how much I miss them after only 4 hours of visiting.

The wait is terrible. I am so excited.

Pics from our visit with the Lukuru pups to follow.


WOOHOO… you could not have picked better breeders!!! I have been watching the Lukuru pups since the day they were born... And love the Breeding that Karla is doing (Willow and Kita)....

Congrats.... great choices!!!

Awesome! I am sooo jealous! I wanna puppy!!!! No…must be strong 🙂 I need to talk to Jo so I can go see the Lukuru babies 🙂 Congrats on your soon to be new additions!

You will have double the work, and double the joy, but I bet your up to it…
Kudo's on your great choice of puppies.

Major congrats! I really think 2 at once is wonderful… play mate and all that. As long as you spend lots of time individually so they bond with you... which you will... double the work but double the fun. I am envious!

I can't wait to see them. And I'm really jealous about the Lukuru puppy. :rolleyes: I love Dr. Jo's dogs, particularly Amisi. I'm going to have to vicariously live through you guys until next year. I have serious puppy envy. 🙂


Wow, congratulations…I would love to have two puppies as well..but one will have to do. Great pictures...I am so excited for you all.

Very pretty puppies good luck I know your going to have
lots of fun with two.

Rita Jean

The waiting is the worst part- I am waiting for my puppy now and the countdown is between 9-10 weeks away so I feel your excitement, I thought about getting two but I am not brave enough so I figure one for now and next years another one. Congratulations on your new family members!!

It's not that we overbook. It's that stupid clients book a haircut and get there and decide they want colour too! They demand we do it so what else are we supposed to do? I'd say 70% of our clients want more than they actually booked in for. So give us a break ok.

All those puppies look so sweet! Congratulations on picking your dogs from a great breeder.

Hi Nicole!

I just signed up here. I'm looking forward to seeing the Kita x Willow pups in 3 weeks!


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