Illusion Puppies

Good news/sad news…

Amina and Charro have 2 gorgeous black and white daughters born 11/17/2010. Amina is a great mom, somewhat to our surprise as her mantra is "ME first!" normally.

The sad news is that the final puppy, another pretty little black and white girl, was stillborn.

So we're grateful for 2 beautiful girls, our legacy from BG. Pictures soon!



Jippea..finally Amina is a mom. I bet she is a wonderful mommy to those little b/w bundles. It brought tears to Sofia and Lukas' eyes when they heard of the last little girl..after explaining that sometimes these things happen they are OK now.
Can't wait to see pictures…:)

Congratulations on your 2 girls. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of them. 🙂

Congratulations on your two new little girls, very sorry to hear of the loss of the third little one.

Congrats on your babies….

OK, so since I have never ever managed to get my pictures to upload onto here, the latest pictures of Amina and Charro's girls can be seen at:

The girls are 6 weeks old today!



So cute..can't wait to see them tomorrow morning..hope you ready for some excited kiddos too.

Very sweet pups! Lucky for you Petra, going to see them!

Very cute - congrats on the kids!!!

Congratulations on your two babies.

Gorgeous girls! I saw Petra's pics on FB.. Way too cute!!

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