• I thought this should be shared. I do not know who's puppies these are, but I would be devastated.

  • OMG !!!
    I hope they come back home - how could that even happen.
    A lesson to us all - I'm always checking on mine when they are out in the yard and I never leave them very long when at events. I would never leave them in my car either (lots of folks at agility events do that and never think anything of it).

  • It's an OMG all right, but not how you'd think. At first it was blamed on a family members vindictive ex but now I have an update from someone...

    "Had not heard anything from the woman that was buying the puppy so I telephoned her. Well.... While the puppies were real (lots of real time updates, photos, videos, & talked about them to her friends & family on her personal Facebook page), it looks like the woman that was selling them made up a series of lies because a) did want to deal with shipping a puppy; b) sold it to someone local; d) sold it for more money to someone else; d) who the hell knows.

    The woman that was the intended buyer who posted all the ads is livid and perplexed. She plans to talk to an attorney friend to make sure it is okay to plaster the seller's name everywhere.

    The world is full of jerks, jackasses, and idiots. Had a long talk with buyer and told her to only deal with AKC registered breeders in the future. She is lucky she didn't lose any money."

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