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haha…well I'm not good at self control too so please bare with me...our dog IS cute for sure and I think we would be considered completely insane if we hadn't considered all of the ramafications of breeding thank you to everyone who is saying we shouldn't just breed to breed, I completly understand and agree. I will say though this isn't our first time around the ol' dog park and I have had puppies before (i'm in the loop on how much work that is). But at the end of the day it is a dog having puppies whether its a basenji or a lab, puppies are a lot of work and a ton of responsibility but its not exactly complex physics (hehe...its much harder than that) 🙂

As for the questions about how many dogs were in the litter, there were 3 puppies. 1 went to us, 1 went to our friends and the other to our friends all 3 girls (and our friend's other baseinji) all get together on a fairly regular basis at family events and on the weekends 🙂 They are all too cute together! Our friend did meet the breeder and they said they were sending the papers on all 3 dogs...we just never got them and no responses to our calls or emails.

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We don't have the name of mom and dad, the breeder was supposed to give the first shot before we got them and didn't do that either. We paid $500, so I don't think we got a deal either. Lesson learned. Nevertheless, she's a part of our family and we love her even though she may not be papered. Live and learn. Thanks again to all for their advice/input.

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We actually got her from a breeder in Reno. Some friends of ours have a Basenji and they wanted another. They saw the ad in the paper and we decided we wanted one too. So, together, we adopted 2 of the girls. The breeder has been MIA since. We NEVER received their papers and they won't return phone calls or emails. So, needless to say, the breeder is no help at all. Thanks for all the info, I really appreciate it. It has been a fun, exciting, and very challenging 4 months with her. We also have 2 cats, which she chases endlessly, so our house has been a bit crazy. She's as cute as can be though!

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Hello everyone - we have a 6 month old female Basenji. We know that they only go into heat once per year, but don't know how old they are when they go into heat for the first time. We are deciding whether to breed her or have her fixed, and want to know how long we have till she will go into heat for the first time. We won't breed her for a couple years, as we know it isn't good to breed when they are young. Thanks.

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