• I never know hope I put this in the correct place.
    I am pretty sure this is your back yard breeder. Rocky Top Tennessee Basenjis.
    Go to that site and see the puppies there are 5 males and 7 females. They are so very cute. I spoke with the lady on Sunday. They are ACA is what I think she said I do know they were not AKC.
    I ask if the parents had been been Fanconi tested and the answer was yes they are good, All of my puppies have always been healthy. She had said this was really a hobby and had done it for four years but she might make this her last litter's.
    I could be wrong but I ask again what do you mean good on Fanconi what does that mean and her answer was healthy.
    Does anyone know anything about this breeder? All the puppies look to be Tri's she said one had some brindle on it's leg.

    Rita Jean

  • no idea about the breeder but she has her pups advertised on so many websites!! That would put me off… I dont know what ACA is but i think you would be best looking for AKC registered pups bred by people who are actively showing/working their dogs, health testing them (not sure what the "good" means but im guessing she didnt understand the question) and breeding dogs for a purpose rather than to just sell.

    Remember pups always look cute, doesnt always mean they are good quality....

  • I am not going to buy one of her puppies not after talking with her. Bad of me I want better AKC and I could have jumped to the moon when Jaycee came back Clear. I know the worst it could have been was carrier but I love that clear. I do not want a sick baby down the road that is unfair to the puppy.

    Rita Jean

  • I would suppect that the sire and dam are NOT DNA tested for Fanconi, did you specifically ask about DNA testing, not just Fanconi testing?…. and I don't see any brindle on them?... Sire and Dam look to be both tris. And I can't believe she had a litter of 12???????????? Must be two different litters. And certainly not AKC registered.. but I would be interested in knowing if she has pedigrees on the pups.

  • I don't know what the purpose of your post was. If it was to advertise this litter available then there is no appropriate place on the forum for the post since only the breeder of the litter can advertise and only in the For Sale thread with the appropriate information.

    If you are seeking input on the breeder's statement on Fanconi, IMO, people should steer well clear of any breeder who will not tell you the dog's status using the marker test which would mean looking for them saying Probably Clear, Probably Carrier, Indeterminate, Probably Affected and then following up with the registered names and registration numbers so you can verify the status on your own.

  • It does say she has a the father and mothers on premises. the bottom photo on left, the puppy farthest to the left does look like a trindle or a smudgy tri. (at least according to the kijiji ad site)

  • There are two mother's they are sisters. One father and she says that the mothers take care of each others babies they do not care who belongs to who.

    Rita Jean

  • There is no correct place for granting back yard breeders any exposure. She could have just made a sale, you know that's all it is, too.

  • I only posted this in case someone else seen the ad and was going to call and think about buying one. I just tried to save someone time. I am not in any way trying to give them postive exposure.

    Rita Jean

  • I'm sorry but you did give them exposure. Your post though it showed some concern about the lack of AKC registration and info on Fanconi read much more like an advertisement for this breeder than a red flag. You even said, go check them out on their site, they are very cute.

    • 1 lvoss.

  • Rita, maybe you can change the thread title (or email Alex and ask him to change it) to:
    WARNING, BYB Puppies for sale - NOT Health Tested.

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