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my basenji is 65 days today and not had her pups yet.
is there somthig wrong?

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How do I know my 11mo old "B" is ready for the show ring?
this will be our first time. I want to enter her this October. so this will give me some time to work with her.But I need some info on what to do to get her ready.

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Hi Everyone.
My name is Suzanne and I live in San Jacinto CA, with my husband and two kids Giselle and Isaiah.We are the proud owner of a beautiful R/W Basenji female (Rose). We also have a mini pin (Skittles)and Aust Shep (Maximus).
They all get along great together.Rose even gets along with the cat(Mr.Kitty)
I would love to hear from other members.

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