• I am looking for a few pair of comfortable puppy panties for Kiya. She will be going into heat in the next few months and I would like to introduce these to her now so she will become more comfortable in em. I went to the local pet store last night and found ones that were rather poor quality and not to mention ugly!
    Does anyone know of any good ones???
    Thank you

  • Do you have a sewing machine? I just put some together with some fleece scraps I had

  • My agility instuctor sells them. I just purchased some for my girls so they can go to class while in season.

  • The best fitting ones I have ever seen are Bitch Britches. The are knitted and fit snuggly with no bunching or sagging.

  • @lvoss:

    My agility instuctor sells them. I just purchased some for my girls so they can go to class while in season.

    Could you bring a pair to the banquet this weekend. I'd love to see how they look.

  • Because I requested specific fabrics and she wanted to ensure the tail hole was in the right place and the right size so they could still feel comfortable, I will be picking them up next Thursday. I can take picture to post when I get them.

    The tail hole has been my biggest issue with most of the commercially available ones. The placement isn't quite right and the girls then feel like they can not hold their tail correctly and then they chew them off.

    We tried these on the girls and they didn't seem to mind them. They curled their tails as the normally do. Of course, I only forsee myself using them when we are at agility class so they won't have to wear them very long.

  • One can also use childrens underwear I took my son´s old undies (age 2-3) put them on then felt were the tail was and cut out a small hole if they are to loose then tie a small knot I used a hairband.On the inside I first tried an ordinary sanity pad she hated it went back to the store and saw pad´s for thongs and voila she accepted them.Now if I only could get the whimpering big brother to be quiet he can´t understand why he can´t mate his little sister oh well soon it´ll be over and life goes back to normal I hope;)

  • The following site has them at a reasonable price plus if you click on Color/Pattern choices at the bottom of the page, you can see exactly how to measure your girl to get the correct size: http://nu-nee.tripod.com/bb.htm

    Whatever you decide to use try to remember that the likelihood they last more than a day is low unless you are incredibly vigilant. Personally, I gave up on the panties. The bleeding was never very much & Ella kept herself incredibly clean so I rarely saw or had blood spots to clean up. The worst were my sheets (yes, my spoiled B sleeps under the covers at my feet). I tried keeping panties on her but by morning they were shredded as well as sanitary napkin bits everywhere. It was cheaper just to change my sheets daily.

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