Summer Puppies

Well our Summer Puppies have arrived 4 boys 1 girl all red and white all doing well Mum is soooooo proud!!:

Congrats. Where are the pics? 🙂

Congratulations Julie, have you got homes for them? How is mum?

Congrats…can't wait to see pics.

Hi all, as assistant midwife I can report that mother and babies are doing well, it will be very hard to choose which one to keep!

Pics will follow soon!

Congratulations, hurry with those pics 🙂

Are the puppies by your boy, Moetmum?


Are the puppies by your boy, Moetmum?

Yes Rufus is the proud father, he goes back to the old english lines, should have superb heads! We are really pleased with them.

congratulations Julie. Look forward to seeing the photos.

Yes, pic please!

I'm so looking forward to seeing these puppies!


I'm so looking forward to seeing these puppies!

Ditto - pictures please!


Waiting for pictures 😃

Julie's laptop has died and I am too far away to take pics. New laptop is arriving tomorrow, I am sure when she works out how to use it she will post some more pics, I would like to see some too!

Julie has still not got to grips with new computer so here are some pictures of the pups taken last week, they were nearly 6 weeks old.

Sorry pics wouldn't load, I think they are a bit big! Meet Storm anyway.

Zeva, the Rose amongst thorns!


Taz and Alfie


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