Dog Habari Puppies

Here are Johnny x Sugar puppies. As in another post, Johnny passed away today.

Beautiful. I hope you are keeping one under the circumstances, perhaps of their is a black and white boy to carry on the legacy? He left you one last gift-life. I can't think of a better legacy.

Actually, I am keeping the little black girl. I never thought about losing Johnny at 3 so I had already decided I didn't want another boy. All the boys are gone and Bella will go to a home as well. I'm hoping one of the intact remaining brothers will be available to breed to this year with Rose, my red girl.

They are utterly adorable. I am so sorry about Johnny. 😞

First Basenji's

I'm so sorry for your loss.. I was just thinking last night about how I lost my cat 2 years ago at 3 years old and how terrible it was and how unfair it is a life gets cut so short. At least we have the good times to remember!

Such beautiful babies! I'm glad you're able to keep one of Johnny's puppies. Maybe she will be some comfort?

She's very much like Johnny, so, maybe. But it's not the same-at all.

No, it won't be the same. I recently lost a beloved dog myself. I'm so sorry.

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