Studding my dog?

I live in Michigan and was thinking about studding out my dog JR. He is a show champ and is AKC registered as Linus Lionheart and I have never owned a pure breed and have no idea how to go about doing it? Any help or advice would be appreciated. Once again thank you.😕

It looks like you are a new member here. What kind of dog do you have? How do you plan on studding out your dog if you have never owned a purebred, and how is it a show champ?

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I hope you have done the health testing for this boy before you even think of this.


I live in Michigan and was thinking about studding out my dog JR. He is a show champ and is AKC registered as Linus Lionheart and I have never owned a pure breed and have no idea how to go about doing it? Any help or advice would be appreciated. Once again thank you.😕

I am not a breeder; would never consider being a breeder because of the hard work involved in producing quality pups, and because I'd have a hard time every parting with the pups, :rolleyes:, so I'm sure others here could advise you better.

That said, I would suggest as a first step you contact the person who bred your dog and ask questions regarding your dog's parentage and health history, as well as asking them to help you get your foot in the door IF they feel the dog is worth breeding.

Step two may be to search this forum for the threads on "responsible breeding vs backyard breeding" and "testing before breeding"
before you even continue considering breeding your dog.

Give thought as to why you want to breed your dog – because you think he's really cool? to make money? or to better the breed? The first two reasons are really valid reasons -- every cool dog shouldn't necessarily be bred, and quality breeding is certainly not a money-making proposition {a fact which many people are surprised to hear!}

Good luck!:)


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Thank you for your post. I found this info which sounds like the dog in question:

I was guessing Ersal Linus Lion Heart, too. If so, he has 14 points (including both majors) towards his AKC championship (as of April 16, that is). Is this your dog jkmcd673?

I am on here so I know how to go about doing this the right way. I don't know what a troll means but he is a show champ because the person I got him from is a breeder and showed him. I cannot find his papers at the moment and am not trying to "make money" or anything like that. He is a cool dog he is beautiful and he is very sweet. I lost contact with Eric (who I got him from) and that is why I am on here. If someone can tell me how to look him up in the registry I will be glad to do that. The name I put in is not his full name and am not even sure I wrote it in here the right way. I have had him for about 2years and my son started calling him Jr so over time I have forgot his full name. Am just trying to go about this the right way and want to know the right way, not trying anything funky. P.S. Sorry about posting in wrong spot.

yes I am pretty sure that is his full name can you tell me how to look him up on AKC??

You can search AKC records here., I looked it up and your AKC registration number is HP03558701.

Has JR been to any AKC dog shows in the past 2 weeks?


You can search AKC records here., I looked it up and your AKC registration number is HP03558701.

You can find his full pedigree on

Before you would even think about he as a sire… you need to do many health test... there is a sticky on this forum with those requirments that responsible breeders use...

And really you know someone interested in using him as a sire... and you would then need to make sure the bitch has had all their health testing... there really is no such thing as "studding" a Basenji... or any other breed of dog for that matter... Love your dog.. and enjoy your dog... don't worry about breeding him.....

However, I would recommend for your peace of mind to DNA him for Fanconi... go to for details. It is very important in our breed….

No he hasn't been in any shows for a couple of years now. His grandson I think it is won a dog show in Chelsea MI last summer.

JR still needs 1 point to finish his AKC championship. You will need to get him back in the show ring to earn that last point if you want him to be a champion. 🙂

If you really want to do go about this the right way, then please listen to the folks on this list.
They love and care about b's and the dog that are produced.
I think you might care about your boy as well.
So, help us understand the boys lines your dog comes from and we can share information.

I am trying, like I said I have never had a pure breed before and I am glad for everyones help. I wanted to see how to go about doing this the right way and apologize for coming at you without my full paperwork on hand. I have followed the links you have posted and that is definitly him. I have moved 3 times since I got Jr and his sister Maxine and his papers have been misplaced over that time. Again thanks for your help. I posted his picture on here in my profile but am not sure if I have done it right.

If you are thinking of offering your dog at stud, then the first thing you will need to do is health testing. Take a look at this thread to see the health testing commonly done in the breed,

Since it looks like Linus is 1 point shy of his championship you will probably want to look into getting him into the show ring again to finish up his championship. You can look for upcoming shows at the AKC website, or at the Infodog website,

You may also want to look at the BCOA website,, and see if there are any basenji clubs in your area that may have a Specialty show coming up. These are a great place to meet people and to get your dog out there to be seen.

If you need to you can request a duplicate copy of his papers from AKC.

I am sorry to jump in late & reply.
I have been way to busy to spend time on the internet & am indulging myself the week. It may be months before I visit the Forum again.
Regarding breeding your boy. Most breeders will not breed to a male they do not know. They pick a Stud dog for his Health Testing, Pedigree, Show record, conformation & the owners connected. Sometimes location plays a major part. Conformation plays a big part of picking a Stud dog i.e. will he improve on my bitches movement? Topline? Earset?
No dog is perfect & we are breeding to improve the Breed not to make money or just have puppies.
Not questioning your information, but I would reccomend doing some research & getting all the information you can about you boy. Next regardless of breeding him or not, do ALL the health testing. This will be helpful for your Basenji's future health & maintance.
Not all dogs or bitches are 'worthy' of being bred. Find out if you's is worthy & be picky about the bitch he is bred to. It is much easier to buy a Show quality puppy than to breed your next Show prospect.
I work for a Veterinarian & many Dog owners want to 'Stud Out' their male. This never happens! As a bitch owner I will find the best dog out there that will mesh with my bitch to produce better puppies.
Lastly I have had a dog die very suddenly from prostate problems. He died before I could get him to the Vet. This was years ago when the risk of anestetic was not worth it to me. He was a mix breed & a wonderful dog. Gumby taught he so much in life & his death taught me even more. Don't make the same mistake I made, it isn't worth it.
NOT all Finished Champions are of true breeding quality. And "Sperm is Cheap"!!
Best of luck & hugs to the pups.

Becky & the Ninjas

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