Same dog in pedigree

I was snooping at AJ's pedigree (got curious after reading a different thread) and noticed the same animal in it twice, then another twice. How common is this and what are the ramifications?

Were you looking at Sally's site on AJ's pedigree?

Rita Jean

A breeder who practices line breeding will have pedigrees that where you will see the same name in several places in the pedigree. It is not necessarily bad but the person doing it needs to have a very in depth knowledge of the pedigrees they are breeding.

No, had his pedigree in hand. Who's Sally? 🙂

There have been Champions from Covergirl, so I will assume (Yeah, I know….) she knows what she's doing.

You can search for pedigrees here. Sally Wallis maintains it.

Thank you Nicki and Liz for the answer on Sally.

Rita Jean

Thank you. Ivoss…

I was just curious, but maybe someday, when the truckin' bug stops biting me on the behind I'll follow in my gramma's footsteps. I might as well get the information sooner rather than later.

Going to be a very hard bug to let go.. To this day a nice truck can turn my head.

Rita Jean

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