Adult Dogs at SW Kennel Auction-3/2/13

  • These dogs are for sale at the auction. Is anyone familiar with them or the seller? These dogs could be the sire and dam of your dog. I could only find one in the Basenji Pedigree Database. The database website is: If you have a dog and it is not in the database, please e-mail Sally Wallis and give her the information needed. This information is especially important if your dog is not AKC registered as it cannot be found anywhere else unlike AKC registered dogs. Her e-mail address is:

    16 FE Todd's Tulip A07-XY-DG-39959D 12/29/06 #3 Country Pups
    Comments: APRI Reg. Color: Red Brindle, White - Breed sellout.
    17 FE Reedgate's Legend Of The Lost Bark B08-AZ-DG-38134T 12//08/06 #3 Country Pups 020532801
    Comments: APRI Reg. Color: Red & White - Breed sellout.
    18 MA Todd's Isa Glory A07-YV-DG-40010A 12/16/06 #3 Country Pups
    Comments: APRI Reg. Color: Red & White - Breed sellout.

    Quit buying from breeders who sell their dogs at the auction when they are considered used up or they are unable to sell their pups either to a broker for pet stores or online. They have no interest in improving the breed as in no health testing and are only in the breed to make money. At least one of these dogs came from another auction or the parents did and I am certain that the other two dogs parents also were sold at auctions and I probably saw them and the grandparents many years ago at the auctions. These females probably had litters this past year and some of you may have bought them. If you are buying a puppy, ask the breeder where their dogs were obtained from and how long they have been in the breed. You can ask questions about breeders on this forum.


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