Breeding my 2 year old Basenji

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@Nancy-Berry there is nothing that mentions genitalia, you might be confusing the work genetic -OMG this is hilarious.

You maybe were not awake or fully in control of your faculties, so you might want to reread your own post

There is no law requiring to neuter them, it's a choice, and I am pretty sure I live in America still. Just because I am not a vegan, and I choose to eat meat, or I don't smoke, (I have never smoked )...its my right not too nor because I decided to have 2 real human children and not cut my ba!!$ off, and you might be all of those who wags a finger at all that, that's your right to do as you please, without my comments as it is my right as well.<<

"not cut my .... off" .... genitalia there, not genetic. LOL. Yes it is hilarious.

@DebraDownSouth I'm glad someone else knows what genitalia means! He said getting around it!! And besides.....who cares if he does or doesn't cut his b...$ off? Not me! He's getting so angry, he can't even talk right!! That's bad for the blood pressure!!

@katoman Well woop dee doo! Your son was in the military! So was I ~ along with thousands of others! I'm glad he's helping with Pit Bulls...they are terriers but people forget that last word. And idiots make money off of fighting them which is disgusting!

Now she mocks the military...

Says she was also in the military isn't mocking it. It was point out that your son being in the military has nothing to do with the topic, any more than her being in it. Nor does Trump have to do with it. Nor does your family jewels. Nor does calling people names. Nor does most of the other stuff. Are you capable at all of discussing dogs like a mentally stable adult without the abusive rants and stuff? Give it a try.

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Having been a 'dog person' all my life I decided to get a dog after starting a family with my wife. Tried the local shelters but couldn't find a dog that I felt was 'right'.

My first B came from a pet store, I knew nothing about Basenjis and the owner said they are great dogs, good with kids and very loyal etc, he came with an AKC pedigree. I figured he would be great as he had a pedigree.

Many years later I found out by research he came from a puppy mill in Kansas. His health was problematic after the first two years, he was also prone to pancreatitis. At six years old he developed diabetes, with the constant testing, insulin and needles. It worked out around $2000 a year for five years until he passed at eleven, so around $10,000. Still, I didn't really care so much about the money as he was such a good dog. The constant care was hard, he needed monitoring almost 24/7 as he was a brittle diabetic and his sugar was hard to control. Many late nights staying up late and every morning was early to test him.

He coped with it well although I know he did not like the injections sometimes, we got different size needles which helped and became experts at injections. Still, I would wish no dog to have to go through that.

Our other two Basenjis we got from a reputable breeder, our oldest is ten in a few days and has been very healthy her whole life. She is showing elevated liver enzymes now on routine blood work but shows no other symptoms. Our youngest is three and is also very healthy.

So, to me it seems insane to buy any basenji without full health testing and from a reputable breeder.

I am sorry about your first dog. Having had rescues with serious health issues, I understand the desire for getting the healthiest possible. Sometimes, even with the best of breeders (like our Samoyed), problems can be a firestorm of bad luck. But your chances are so much better with good breeders.

Not sure if it will help, but I have used milk thistle for my liver for 14 yrs. The research on it is not strong, but it can't hurt. And it's not expensive. I put nothing in me without my liver doc's approval, btw. (for pets) (for people)

Yes you can be unlucky with anything, but doing everything you can to ensure a healthy dog should be the top priority.

My girl has had blood work every year just as routine after my firsts problems. She has no symptoms, we just caught it on the yearly two years ago she slightly elevated, last year she was more elevated.

We first started just Nutramax denamarin, three months later it made no difference to her readings.

We switched her to Dr Dobs detox diet and Nutramax denamarin, went back after three months and her levels went up!

So now we have her on regular food, denamarin in the morning, milk thistle in the afternoon and twice daily 1000mg of fish oil.

Due to go back in February and see if that works. If not we will probably have to ultrasound. All her other blood work is normal so that is a good thing.

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