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I have a screened in patio and while they were young, we bought the pee pads with the fake grass. They did fairly well with that in the puppy area, but then the carpet, seemed to remind them of the fake grass and we had issue with that, so I went on Amazon and bought a really nice piece of fake grass with rubber bottom, specifically for pets, I put the pee pads underneath it , to give it a bit of a hill and I leave my sliding door open, so they can go when they want. The use it all day long and its wonderful, but it took some time.

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this is a mixed bag and everyone has an opinion. Mine were trained to go in the crate, when I left, because that is when they did the most damage. They did do damage when left to roam, but seem to grow out of it. I have 2 puppies, that are still in the crate when I leave, but I am hoping soon, they will get trustworthy...So to answer your question, my advice is use it for training, with the goal to ween her off the crate when you leave.

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we had an area with a fake grass on it, that they got pretty good on, then when they had freedom, any carpet was fine game, but after a while, the learn quick it was not an issue. The pee pads, in typical Basenji fashion, got torn up more then used

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I personally Love Dr Karen Becker and I believe she has sound Holistic views. Yes she offers products but most of the time her articles have nothing to do with what she sells. I believe Dogs are over vaccinated, that's why I am glad, Florida only requires a Rabies shot.

Debradownsouth, as confirmed by private emails I got, when I battled with her, goes overboard on every topic, its her way or the highway......I had to stay away, as alot of people on this forum do, simple because of her comments and claims to be a expert in everything except knowing when to shut up

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If you read the fine print before you give out bad advice you would gain some credibility, 1st the owner has talked to Brat and there is no guarantee, yes they will attempt to adopt them together, but there is no guarantee, and she doesn't want to do that, quit trying to put your desire and will on to others who don't appreciate it and ask for it.

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now she's an expert on mentally disabled....., well maybe she is, since she is also unstable..

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Now she mocks the military...

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