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Hello everyone,

I am new to this concept and wanted to get some information and options.

I have a 2 year old unaltered purebred basenji "Xavier". He has great bloodlines and fits the AKC standard very well. I am not looking to make this into a business but I would like to have the opportunity to breed him since he does have good bloodlines.

Is there somewhere that I would go to stud him? or would I have a better chance if I purchased a female and just allowed them to naturally breed when they choose to?

I am sure this will turn into some controversy, but I would like any and all opinions that are offered. I am an avid basenji lover and would hate to see his bloodline fizzle out without at least trying first..

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Hi Everyone,

I am new to the forum and just wanted to say hello. I got my first purebred basenji in April this year. He is now 61/2 month old and his name is Xavier. I also have a mix breed Basenji (I think she might be mixed with a boxer). She is now 12 years old, but is still keeping up with the puppy.

We are currently training Xavier to be my husbands service dog (ESA). He seems to really enjoy the training and is picking things up quickly. However, I will say he is super stubborn at times, but we knew that going in.

Look forward to participating in the forum in the future.

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