Enchanted/Kinetic Litter Announcement

Late last night, July 28, 2010, TC, FC Sunbird Sudnly Follow The Lady SC whelped 4 healthy puppies sired by Cole, DC Kinetic's Enchanted Knight SC, FCh, JOR. There are 2 black boys, 1 red girl, and 1 black girl. TC is an excellent mom.

Pictures of the puppies are up at http://enchantedbasenjis.basenjinet.net/litter.html

Beautiful litter - congratulations! Keep us posted with lots of pictures. I love the little red and white girl that cropped up from these two dark beauties. Was that expected?

Congratulations to you and Deb for your new babies!

First Basenji's

Proud parents indeed. Congratulations.

Congratulations! Beautiful babies 🙂

We knew there was a 25% chance for a non-black and white puppy. We were pretty sure that TC is not tri factored so we figured if we got something other than black and white it would be a red.

It is kind of funny because her last litter by a red and white male was also 3 blacks and 1 red. TC must really like black.

Many congratulations - I'm drooling!!

Lovely little babies! Congratulations.

So wish I could pop over for some puppy cuddling!!! Congratulations and hope they continue to thrive.


Congrats! I love b&w basenjis with little to no white on their face - those are my favourites.

They are so cute. I really like Neal. Perhaps I missed it earlier, but is there a theme to their names?

There is no theme to baby names. At least none that I know of. I know my cousin named Neal because he had a white collar when he was born so he is named for Neal Cafferty of White Collar.

Ahw… sooo cute..... More pics please 😉

They are gorgeous, thank you for posting pictures.

What a bunch of cuties.

As requested, more photos.

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